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October 20 2005

Galway Advertiser

N E W S 45

Party politics -- or the art of keeping everyone happy
Yes, you have been given the thankless task of being responsible for this year's Christmas party, so the pressure is on. No matter how good or bad last year's was, you'll need to make it at least as good as that, if not better, or you might see your popularity taking a sharp nose-dive at work. If you organise a party to remember, on the other hand, you'll really shine in your boss's eyes, so it's worth making all the effort! Your party depends, to a great extent, on the budget you're given to work with. Although the size of your budget will limit how you celebrate and where, it doesn't have to have any bearing on the amount of fun everyone has. Whether you're organising a huge event with clients and staff, a festive meal at a local restaurant, or an intimate soiree at the office itself, there are some essentials you'll need to consider:

This year go for Christmas in Kinvara at the


Draw up a guest list

You'll need to decide who is going to be invited before you can book a venue, as you won't know how many people to book for otherwise. It could just be that everyone who works for the company is invited but what if the company is split across different sites - will the other site be planning its own party, or if you're located near enough to each other, wouldn't it be best to get together for one big party instead? You might be expected to invite clients, or is the party just for staff or are their partners to be invited as well? If your company has a 24-7 shiftworking system then this will need to be thought out in advance as well.

091 638222 Unbeatable Value

Keeping people entertained at an office Christmas party can be crucial to its success, so think carefully about this one. If you're hiring out a hotel or restaurant for a large number of people, then booking a band or a DJ is a very good idea. A dance will get everyone in the mood and you might even see your usually serious boss letting his/ her hair down for a change.

Whatever you do, don't forget about Secret Santa. Secret Santa is a great way to make sure that everyone gets a Christmas present and here's the twist - no one has to know who it's from! A month or so before the party, simply ask everyone invited to pick a name out of a hat and keep it a secret. Once all have has picked a name

t h e y should buy a gift for the person whose name they picked (up to the value of 10 for example) and bring it to the party. As guests arrive at the party ask them for their Secret Santa gift, and then as the night progresses pull each gift out of a large stocking and present them with their gift. Everyone gets to take home a gift and it's fun seeing what someone else thought you would like!

Party nights Dinner Bed & Breakfast only 60pps Choice of live or disco music Telephone for brochure 091 638222

Agree a october 20 2005
If you're organising a small party for 20 people or fewer then it may be possible to ask around until you find a october 20 2005 that will suit everyone. It isne to impossible to keep everyone happy but do your best. For larger parties you'll need to set a october 20 2005 and inform everyone in good time and just hope that the majority can make it. Depending on how busy your company gets around Christmas time, it's usually best to set a october 20 2005 as near to Christmas as possible, which means planning ahead, as most good venues will be booked up for Christmas parties by late summer (put a note in your diary for July next year!).

Four Course Christmas Party Special Lunch & evening Bistro throughout the month of December 19.95

Furbo, Co. Galway 091 592444

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