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THE BRILLIANT MASKS and Puppets of the English Theatre Group, Horse and Bamboo, who will present their new show, "An Roth", for five performances in the Claddagh Hall from Tuesday, August 11th, to Saturday, August 15th.

SACRE COEUR H O T E L Sins-Song Nightly





James Galway Tickets in Big Demand

Exciting Theatre Programme Festival
Fascinating Aida, from London, will open the festival's theatre programme with their new musical show for two nights, on Wednesday 5, and Thursday 6, August, in the Great Southern Hotel. Show opens 9.00 p.m. From London, T h e People Show will go loco with their hit comedy Whistle Stop (People Show No. 92) at the G r e a t S o u t h e r n 'Railway' Hotel, opening on Monday, 10 August, for five nights, at 8.30 p.m. " T h e truest t h e a t r i c a l m a g i c in Britain" - The Times. The show is an inventive lunatic parody of every 'great' train film. "A treat for cinema buffs, theatre and jazz fans alike. Boogie woogie woo woo!" - City Limits. Theatre Repere, from Canada, bring the epocal The Dragon's Trilogy for five nights in the Dominican Hall, Claddagh, from Thurs day, 11 August, at 8.00 p.m. The London Times has described this show as a 'masterpiece' and the company is performing at L I F T , the London Inter national Festival of Theatre, prior to Galway. Earlier this month, The Dragon's Trilogy was awarded the Grand Prize at the Festival of the Americas in New York. D i r e c t e d by R o b e r t Lepage, acclaimed as one of A m e r i c a s m o s t brilliant young theatrical artists, "(he) takes his audience on a fascinating journey" - Globe and Mail, Montreal. T h e show which pushes theatre through the threshold into cinema captures in a startling manner life in Canada from 1910 to the present times and promises to be the theatrical highpoint in Ireland this year. French fireworks company, Ephemerc, in conjunction with leading theatre company Theatre A Louer, will stage a specially devised fire works spectacle, Octavia 1, to dose the festival on the evening of Sunday, 16 August. They will parade from Eyre Square through the streets to Cathedral Square start ing 10.30 p.m. As the spectacle crosses the Corrib at the Salmon Weir Bridge the river will dazzle with fireworks. Last year, in Montreal,


Ephemerc won the Silver Jupiter at the World Fireworks Festival. The company has worked for many years with the S p a n i s h g r o u p Els Co mediants, who per formed in Galway in 1985. An attendance of 25,000 is expected for this closing celebration. I a n S a v i l l e , the renowned socialist magician and ventril oquist and recent recipient of a Time Out magazine's Entertain ment Award will present Breckt on Magic in the Druid Theatre on 13, 14 and 15 August at 11 p.m. The show features

Brecht as a ventrilo quist's dummy and Karl Marx turns up as a moving statue. After this no area of showbiz is safe. The clever money is on the first Trotskyke set dancer. Leading English per formance group Horse a n d B a m b o o will present An Roth, a show specially created for the West of Ireland in the Claddagh Hall, Nimos Pier for five nights from 11 August at 8.00 p.m. Druid will present t h e i r p r e m i e r e of Oedipus starring Marie M u l l e n d u r i n g the festival. The presentation of t h i s d r a m a b y Sophicles, in a transla tion by W. B. Yeats, will mark Frank Conway's debut as a director with Druid. The show opens on 12 August and runs nightly at 8.00 p.m. Galway Theatre Workshop will present their new kids show in Taibhdhearc na Gaillimhe from 10 August at 11 a.m. daily. B r i a n Bourke, Jay M u r p h y and P a d r a i c O ' C a r r a , will present a puppet show for kids. Tickets for the festival go on sale in the Festival Box Office, Old Garda Station, Eglinton Street, Galway.

which includes Poitin, Budawanny, and Atlantean will take place during the final weekend of the festival. Music - Jazz: Loose Tubes, the ex citing 21 piece jazz orchestra from England, will make their Irish debut in the Great Southern Hotel, Galway, on Saturday, 15 August, at 9.00 p.m., and will give a second concert on Sunday, 16 August, at 12.30 p.m. Music Classical: THE BANK OF IRELAND sponsored James Galway Concert in Leisure land on August 9 th follows his highly successful United States tour with the Chieftains. The rush for tickets for this Arts Festival Concert highlight featuring James Galway with the Irish Chamber Orchestra (Conductor Andre Prieur) and organised by Music for Galway means one thing - get your tickets now before they are sold out! Tickets are on sale at the Festival Booking Office, Eglinton Street, and at Bank of Ireland, University College, Galway. Lorraine C6te from the Canadian Theatre Company, Theatre Repere, who are staging their epic show "The Dragon's Trilogy" at the Dominican Hall, Claddagh for five shows from Tuesday, August 11th to Saturday 15th.

A season of lunchtime classical concerts will be held in the Collegiate Church of St. Nicholas, daily at 1.10 p.m., featur ing many of the country's top y o u n g classical soloists, including Oonagh Keogh, violin, 10 August; Ben Dwyer, g u i t a r , 11 A u g u s t ; Gerard McChrystal, clarinet, 12 August; E m m a Jane M u r p h y , c e l l o , 13 A u g u s t ; Kathleen Tynan, sop rano, 14 August, and Raymond O'Donnell, organ, 15 August.

Writers: Writers who will give readings d u r i n g the festival include John M c G a h e r n . Ulster poet, Derek Mahon will give a festival reading along with the Galway poet, Michael G o r m a n , who will read from his new book in the Nun's Island Arts Centre, on 10 August, at 8.00 p.m. Film: LIAM STACK IN A SCENE from The People Show comedy "Whistle Stop" which will play for five nights at the Great Southern Hotel from Monday, August 10th, to Friday, August 14th. Galway Film Society are holding a major retrospective screening of all Bob Quinn's films since he set up Cinegael 13 years ago. The season

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