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"The Principal and Staff of the Commercial Academy have long appreciated the support received of students from Galway and look forward to their continued support."



Mrs. Mary Feeley, Principal

T H E C O M M E R C I A L A C A D E M Y in R o s c o m m o n has over the y e a r s gained a reputation w h i c h is unparalleled in the country. Its name is s y n o n y m o u s w i t h e x c e l l e n c e in Secretarial and Computer Training and has been v e r y successful in the placement of students. It c o m e s as a w e l c o m e surprise that the architect of this s u c c e s s , Mrs. M a r y Feeley plans to e x p a n d tier A c a d e m y to G a l w a y M r s . Feeley, w h o a n n o u n c e d her plans to The Gahvay Advertiser this w e e k , said h e r s c h o o l w o u l d be based at A r d Ri H o u s e , L o w e r A b b e y g a t e Street. T h e Commercial A c a d e m y is a r e c o g n i s e d centre for examinations by the Department of Education, Pitman Examining Institute and the Secretarial Examinations Bureau. T h e c o u r s e s are open to school leavers and adults w h o w i s h to acquire specialised training in this field. T h e c o u r s e s o n offer range from shorthand and typing to the ever important w o r d processing. E v e n T e a c h e r Diploma Courses are o n offer. Mrs. Feeley said enrolment w o u l d begin immediately so that courses w o u l d be under w a y for the coming year.

* * * * * * * * Word Processing.

Commencing Monday, 24th of September
Typewriting to advanced level, Shorthand -- Gregg. Advanced. Audio Typewriting. W o r d Processing. Hands-on training in dedicated word processing covering all software programmes (6 computer installations). Business Accounting. Training in 3-in-1 Book-Keeping system. Taxation (incl. P.A.Y.E. and P.R.S.I.) A l s o training on micro computers in conjunction with accounts training. Business English and Communications. Switchboard and telephone technique. Interview preparation using the modern V.C.R. Equipment. Career Counselling. HOURS OF ATTENDANCE-MONDAY TO FRIDAY 9.30 to 4.30 p.m.

Business Accounting/Micro Book-Keeping. Typewriting. Shorthand. Shorthand and Typewriting courses. Typewriting Teachers Diploma course. Practical and Teaching methods. Shorthand Teachers Diploma course. Practical and Teaching methods. Interview preparation using modern V.C.R. Equipment.

Enrolment for the above-mentioned courses has commenced, and Interviews will be held daily M O N D A Y to FRIDAY, 2 -- 6 p.m. Interested persons are welcome to call between 9.30 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday to Friday, and collect course prospectus, or write or telephone -- THE C O M M E R C I A L A R D L o w e r A b b e y g a t e RI A C A D E M Y H O U S E S t r e e t , G a l w a y 6 2 2 7 9 **b * * * * * * ******************

I t * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A guest at Dunguire Medieval Banquet writes:

Don't Let Visitors Have All The Fun . . .
A medieval b a n q u e t c o n j o u r s u p all s o r t s of pictures of the food being torn apart with your hands, a dagger stuck into the table b e f o r e y o u a n d the only n a p k i n b e i n g t h e c u f f of y o u r sleeve. It is a bit disappointing that D u n g u i r e is not like that. Instead you sit d o w n to quite a dainty meal consist ing of s m o k e d sal m o n s o u p , chicken and a p p l e pie, w h i c h is v e r y tasty a n d w e l l served accompanied by music and s o n g and all the w i n e y o u could possibly drink. Part of the fun is sharing the party in close proximity of Americans, French and German people on holiday. They are usually a bit giddy, but this writer was unprepared for an American couple who s h o v e d the s m o k e d salmon around their plates whispering 'that is the weirdest ham I have ever seen!' Hosts for the evening were Aine, Catherine, Rosario, Gail and Adrian who, God knows, must have performed their welcome a thousand times, but managed to make it all look fresh and new. The singing and harp playing w e r e pleasing in every way and lostening under the candlelit vaults, the atmosphere of ancient times was captured momentarily. The tourists thoroughly enjoyed themselves. There was some small debate amongst a small group, who wished to attract the attention of one of the ladies in long medieval dress who were serving the food, in order to ask for some water. N o one knew what to call her until it was settled that ' w e n c h ' would be appropriate. The 'wench' responded good naturedly and produced a jug of water. Thereafter the 'wench's' jug of water was in great demand and goblets were held out to be filled several times. What makes Dunguire however, is the entertain ment. And this need not be the innocent talk of visitors; but the very professional delivery of extracts from leading Irish writers associated with the Gort-Clare area. The Midnight Court, Percy French, Raftery, Yeats, Edward Martin and St. John Gogarty are quoted with evident humour and the stories of

JBunguatre Castle
K I N V A R A . CO. G A L W A Y

harmless fun, a bit expensive perhaps, but nowhere else in this comer of Ireland can you eat a generous meal, enjoy first class entertain ment and all this of c o u r s e , within the smokey walls of an old Irish castle. It is too good to leave it just for the visitors. Editor Tickets and information from the Tourist Office, Victoria Place, Gahvay. Tel. 63081 or CLE, Galway Station. Tel. 62141.

f Galiuoy AOvertiser
MondaytoSaturday 9 a.m. -- 5 JO p.m.

Dunguaire Castle, Kinvara, Medieval Banquets are held twice nightly. Biddy Early -- the great Ennis witch -- are also included. Perhaps the most extraordinary story associated with Dunguire is that of the present century owner the late Lady Christabel, Lady Ampthill. But her life story, in particular the sensational court case pursued by her sons to establish inheritance are tactfully ignored. Instead it is a unique evening of

Galway Co. Association for Mentally Handicapped Children and Adults needs your support and help in our Galway city Branch and county Branches. For further information concerning our various work, projects and needs, contact: Dan Quaid, 21308/21911 or writetoGalway Co. Association, 8 Upper Newcastle, Galway.

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