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qJ Place your order with full confidence ^ . -_- , r p y that your wedding cake^made to a celebrated ^ U A L l l JL French recipe and decorated by prize Jjy winning craftsmen will be entirely satisfactory.

ST. AUGUSTINE'S RESIDENTS' GENERAL MEETING A general meeting of St. Augustine's Parish Resi dents will take place in Ozanam House on next Friday evening at 9 p.m. It is our first coming toge ther to discuss the prob lems of our area and to suggest solutions. Our peo ple must help one another; co-operation is essential to success and happiness. We need young and old on Friday evening. You will all be very welcome. A LAST REMINDER Have you got your tick ets for the dance and raffle of the year in Flannery's Hotel, on Wednesday, May 5th at 8.30 p.m. Joe Mack and the Marshalls will be there to provide the music. You may win a week-end in Killarney for two. It is for such a good cause really, to help Viatores Christi to travel for Christ to all the nations of the world. We hope to see you there. S h e ' s a l w a y s


m o t h e r ' s a d v i c e

teviving Old lemories
A READER WRITES [ fo iph rtai >
, you see in the ked me for a etur> althill. "O.K." I le Id a d off we went. At e :ic Bar, which is ill-up stop' at e ihe paid me for e d i i . . and asked me to mc snd have some fre it. I did, and lile fhe drank tea, I had bottlt of stout. Afterird i u n g m a n , who was taking

O p e n 8.45 a.m.--7 p.m. M O N D A Y to SATURDAY W e give Green Shield Stamps. That I would rather roam From Cork to Limerick and Athlone And all round by Mullingar, You could view the lakes of Killarney From my Irish jaunting car." Denis O'Callaghan.

. . . at least so far as wearing Elbeo stockings is concerned. Any daughter who really cares about being well-dressed right down to the skin would! In mother's time Elbeo stockings were sheer, subtle and sleek. They're still sheer, subtle and sleek --only more so. Now the daughters are telling their mothers about beautiful Elbeo Cling-Tights. And our advice is: hurry in and claim yours. Elbeo Cling-Tights have a habit of disappearing.





to take our

She buys her Tights at Greeting Cards for all occasions

She went away the next iy a n d after some time e v n t me the enclosed lotograph. I wrote a poem lout my Irish jaunting r a n d it goes like this: Veil, I've been an Irish carman, Id Erin is my name lere's no other spot on all this earth

in BALLET AND MODERN DANCING Beginners Only Ages 10 to 12 years Apply: Box No. 656A

27 W I L L I A M ST. G A L W A Y


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