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Galway Advertiser Thursday 24th February 1977

The A.G.M. will be held on Sunday next at 8 p.m. There are no "contests" for any of the officers posts but there will be for membership of the Committee since six people have been nominated for the five vacancies. So you will have to choose five from the following: Tom Godwin, Mick Hennelly, George Herterich, Finbar O'Mahony, Vivian Timon and Jimmy Walshe. Don't forget that you must vote for five, otherwise your ballot paper will be void. So your 1977 Committee is as follows, so far as the officers are concerned -- President Dermot Faller. Vice-President Jim Burke. Captain Michael O'Higgins. Vice-Captain Frank O'Brien. Hon. Treasurer Eamon Meagher. Hon. Secretary M. P. O'Donohue The two motions to be discussed at the A.G.M. are (1) That the A.G.M. be held on or after 1st January and not later than 1st February in each year on the day to be fixed by the Committee. (2) That the upper handicap limit in all competitions listed as open be raised from 18 to 24 w i t h effect from the commencement of competitions in 1977. With regard to (I) the present rule stipulates that the A.G.M. will be held on or after 15th February and not later than 1st March. If this

This week we would like to thank all the people who made Galway's first international juvenile cross-country meet such a huge success, especially all the people who waited up until 2 a.m. on Saturday morning to meet the young athletes, U.C.G. for use of facilities, Halla Naomh Padraic Committee for use of hall, the Bohermore Club for use of sound equipment and their disc jockeys Tony Ruffley and Henry Connell who did such a fine job. The six events provided some of the finest races seen in Galway for a long time. In the Under 12 Girls the Connacht champion Fiona Ruane, Castlebar, was third behind Susan Howell and Ann Wright, both of Bolton. The Under 14 Girls 1500 metres was a battle between old rivals Breda Ruane, Castlebar, Connacht champion, and national Under i3 notice is passed then the C o m m i t t e e and s u b committees etc. will be in action a month earlier than heretofore. As regards the second motion--this could give rise to quite an amount of discussion and it should be quite interesting to hear what views are expressed--on both sides. There is another A.G.M. on Sunday next--that of Our


The Sigerson
Once upon a time we had the Sigerson Cup(intervarsity Gaelic Football Champship) here every 4 years. Now we get it every 6 years. It is a really great competition and U.C.G. have a proud tradition in it. The late Professor Eoin McKenna really got the Sigerson spirit going in Galway and the Sigerson became a well known figure in college. "The Prof." as he was called was a really lovable character, who became a tremendously popular man in U.C.G. I reproduce his photo here and ask you all to buy the souvenir brochure of the Sigerson which will be on sale in the streets of Galway this week. It is a very fine souvenir of the occasion and deserves to sell very well.

for games on the weekend will be as follows: Friday 25th. A. N.U.U. v. Maynooth. Ref. G. Dooley. B. U.C.D. vQ.U.B. Ref. J. Maloney. C. T.C.D. v. U.C.C Ref. T. Cunningham. D. U.C.G. bye. Saturday 26th. N.U.U. or Maynooth v. U.C.D. or Q.U.B. Ref. J. Martin. T.C.D. or U.C.C. v. U.C.G. Ref. M. Meally. Sunday 27th. SIGERSON FINAL. Ref. P. Collins. For the first time this year a loser's competition will be conducted as follows: 26/2/'77. Losers Group Semi-Final. Ref. P. Feerick. 27/2/'77. Final (Loser's Group) Winners v A. Ref. P. J. McGrath. Games in Galway will be held mainly at the U.C.G. Grounds in Fahy's Field and in Pearse Stadium. Final information for the weekend will not be announced until later due to unreliability of weather conditions. U.C.G. PANEL The U.C.G. panel for the competition recently announced will be as follows: 1. Gay Mitchell (Galway) 2. Paddy Tunney (Donegal) 3. Frank Morris (Galway) 4. Brendan Colleran (Galway) 5. John Costelloe (Kilkenny 6. M. J. R e d d i n g t o n (Galway) 7. Tony Regan ( R o s common) 8. Martin M c C a r r i c k (Sligo) 9. Paul McGettigan(Capt.), (Donegal) 10. Tony O'Connor (Mayo) 11. Morgan Hughes (Galway) 12. Martin Carney (Donegal) 13. Brendan Dooley (Wicklow) 14. Gay McManus (Galway) 15. John Tobin (Galway) 16. Joe Cuddy (Mayo) 17. Frankie Carroll (Donegal) 18 Christy McCann (Mayo) 19. Joe McDonagh (Galway) 20. Tom Vaughan (Galway) 21. Bernard O'Sullivan (Kerry) 22. Brendan Walsh (Galway) 23. Kevin Clancy (Galway) 24. Joe Burke (Galway) 25. Colm Loftus (Sligo) 26. Paul Griffin (Kerry) 27. Christy McCutcheon (Cavan)

SOUVENIR PROGRAMME Throughout the competition a worthwhile souvenir programme prepared by the host club will be on sale. Amongst many articles the programme will include a review of the history of the Sigerson Competition and of U.C.G.'s involvement in it. MY OWN VIEW I believe U.C.G. will win this one and expect it to be a U.C.D. v U.C.G. final on Sunday. The competition is superbly organised and Ulster Bank deserve credit for their sponsorship. Team captain Paul McGettigan hopes to be fit and well after a recent injury and Tony Regan has trained the team really well. I am looking forward to a feast of good football. Nice too to see so many fine referees on view. Until next week Slan agaibh.

A record entry for County Juvenile Championships this coming Sunday in St. Patrick's Social Club, Bohermore is expected. One boy in particular, who will be on the trail for his second Irish juvenile title is none other than the present Irish champion, Simon O'Donnell, Galway Boxing Club. With the form he has hit in his last three fights I would say he's a certainty for the Irish juvenile title. The strongest club for these championships will be the Galway Boxing Club, with trainer Gay Farrell at the helm, having brought these boys on tremendously in the last few months. He has won inter-club competitions in beating such well known juvenile clubs as Castlebar, St. Munchen's, Limerick, and St. John's, Limerick, not forgetting Edenderry, Co. Offaly. Sadly missed from this year's championships is the renowned Holy Family Boxing Club which produced numerous Irish champions in the last few'years. But in its place we have the newly found clubs St. Dominick's Boxing Club, Claddagh, and Our Ladys Club, Renmore. There should be plenty of action next Sunday. The weigh-in is at 11.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. and all boxing trainers are required to bring the boxers' medical cards, thus ensuring that everything goes off smoothly. The President of the Co. Board, Mr. Martin Murphy, hit out strongly that all qualified judges and referees be available at the ringside for their immediate service on Sunday. He has also applied for a referee's and judge's course at the end of this month, this being the first o its kind in Galway. Ringsidt

champion and Fiona McMurrough, G.C.H., who this time crossed the finish line just two seconds ahead of Ruane. Yvonne Tannian, G.C.H., was third. Another great race that had the supporters yelling was the 5000 metres. Here the stars were Steve Greenhouse, Bolton, and Jimmy Fallon. Only in the last 50 metres did the Bolton boy's strength and speed tell but even then only one second separated them at the finish. Third was Ian Crilly, Bolton. Other results were: Boys Under 12: John Gallagher, Ballina, Pat Nolan Pearse, and Brendan Sullivan, Loughrefc. Boys Under 14: Jim Bolton, Bolton A.C., Pat Stephens, Pearse, and Paul de Hora, Pearse. Girls Under 17: Nora Ann Flaherty, G.C.H., Frances Lally, Castlebar, and Deirdre Walsh, G.C.H. Ladys Boys Club Golfing Society. It will be held at 4 p.m. in the Lenaboy Arms Hotel. The Garda Golfing Society hold their first 1977 outing in Galway--also on Sunday next. It will be an 18 hole stableford with 7 nett prizes, one gross and prizes for each nine. The driving range is open from Monday to Thursday inclusive should you be interested.

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Prof. Eoin McKenna MICK RAFTF.RY Another man who gave great service to U.C.G. teams and to the club all his life is Mick Raftery of Castlegar. Mick won more Sigerson medals than any other U.C.G. man. After Foin McKenna's time, men like Padhraic O l.oughlin, Paddy McDermott Bobby ( urran and Dan O'Donovan, have all been great administrators and Gaelic Football supporters. They will all be attending this weekend's Sigerson here in Galway. This event is the highlight of the Gaelic football year in University circles. Seven teams now compete in this event from U.C.G.,; U.C.D.; U.C.C.; Q.U.B.; St. Patrick's, Maynooth; T.C.D.; and N.U.U., Coleraine. Since its initiation in 1911 thestandard of footballing performance in this competition through the years has been noted as exceptionally high. The preparation and training for Sigerson by students is perhaps unequalled in competitive, football. THE TEAMS Favourites for this year's event appear to be U.C.G., based on their g o o d performances in the H.E. League. Despite their good showing, however, they were convincingly defeated by N.C.P.E. in the League final. The League results this year were somewhat unexpected with poor showings by many of the traditionally strong colleges. The League may generally be taken as an indication of likely performances by Colleges in the Sigerson Competition. However, League winners in 1976--U.CD., were defeated by Maynooth in the Sigerson final. U.C.G. who won the League in 1974 also suffered a similar fate when they were defeated by U.C.D. in the Sigerson final. Nevertheless this is a competition where there are no favourites for what a team lacks in talent and ability is made up for by grit and determination. FIXTURES The large number of stars on each team also suggest a hard fought series of games from the first quarter-final onwards. The arrangements

KQJ1098765432 K N dealer. Becker featured a freak hand from the American Trials on the Times this week. Both E/ W and N/ S were able to make slams with their respective cards, with great swings in the team-of-four scoring.The impression I got from the article was that even the experts can get into the same difficulties as you and I do, though probably less frequently. Moreover, they have trouble bidding such hands. They occur so rarely that I expect it is not worth having a system to cope with them--indeed a system may not be possible. The hand I feature this week from the recent Intervarsity pairs, shows that freak hands and freak results are not confined to America. The results ranged from five diamonds doubled and made by South to 7 clubs made by E/W(they can, in fact, make 7NT). Although there is not much of a lesson in the above hand, see how you might have tackled the bidding.

Tough Stand by Judo Club
Parents and interested members of Galway Judo Club are meeting tonight to voice their feelings on the lack of facilities for this popular and growing sport in the city. During a recent meeting parents expressed their impatience and annoyance at the Corporation's inability to provide a proper club centre. There will be a big turnout tonight at the Odeon Hotel, 8 p.m. and everyone interested is urged to attend in order to present a strong front. Suggestions and abuse are the only things expected to be thrown this evening . . . but no one would fancy the Corporation's chances in a confrontation with this lively and prize-winning club. entered two teams in the O.L.B.C. Seven-a-side Tournament, the 'B' side being beaten by R.T.C. in the preliminary round and the'A' team losing to the eventual winners Loughrea in the quarter final. Next weekend Galwegians play two home matches. On Saturday they entertain Shannon and on Sunday Blackrock College. The teams are: v. Shannon: M. Quaid, B. Keating, P. Clarke, T. Burke. J. Connolly, J. Coll, D. Meaney, J. O'Malley, L. Casserly, N. Leader, M. Smith, J. Healy, J. Mannian. M. Casserly, T. Richardson. v. Blackrock: A. N. Other for Meaney at scrum-half, M. Cullinane for Healy at Lock, J. Healy for Casserly at No. 8, M. Casserly for Richardson at flanker.

Photographed at the Captain's Dinner of Our'Lady's Boys' Club Golfing Society, in the Lenaboy Arms Hotel, Salthill were (L to R) Mrs. B. Dowling, Mr. Brendan Dowling, Captain of O.L.B.C. Golfing Society, Mrs. J. Cunningham, Mr. Tommie Flaherty, Captain of the Galway Arms Golfing Society and Mrs. Flaherty and Mr. Jimmy Cunningham, President of Our Lady's Boys' Club.

Fitting out has begun at Renville. Tom Foote has begun to unravel his spagetti system of sheets and halliards. Ronal Gill has started fitting out his UFO 31. Launch date for cruisers is the first week in April. Open sailing is at Blackrock or Rinville every Sunday 2 p.m. for dinghies, d e p e n d i n g on weather conditions. Lasers are turning out mostly, in preparation for the Connacht Championships being held in Loughrea in May. Several new members have been accepted, including Mr. Bob Waller from Scotland with his Vivacity 650. Mick Hehir is building a Wharram 24 foot catamaran, which may be the surprise packet this year. Two long distance sailors, one from Belgium and another from New Zealand (a Galwayman. we're told) are expected this Summer. What a pity there is no safe berth in Galway for the many boats of this type and size which come no further than the Arans, having provisioned down the coast or even in England/France. If the few thousand necessary were spent on a new single tidal gate for the Claddagh Basin, a considerable amount of valuabk business would accrue to Galway. The next C o m m i t t e e meeting is tonight (Thursday) 8 p.m. at the Salthill Hotel. All m e m b e r s w e l c o m e afterward (circa 10 p.m.) for a tot of rum! Help is needed with the Galway Boat Show and those interested should' contact Barry Martin 85236 or Pierce Purcell 65330. Vanderdecken.

The next meeting of the Western Region Scientific Council consists of a slide show of life in China today from material collected by David S. Broderick during an 1,800 mile trip through China in November. The author, who is Vetinary Officer with the Galway Co. Council, will trace the development of farming in China from the founding of the state in 1949, through the co-operatives of the 1950s to the present commune system. He will also detail visits to the Canton Export Fair, Science and Medical Institutes and discuss the present re-organisation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In a lighter vein he will describe what it feels like to be on the tenth floor of a building during an earthquake, and the reaction of the man in the street to the denunciation of the "Gang of Four." This interesting talk is at the Ardilaun Hotel, Tuesday, 1st March, at 8.15 p.m.

Galwegians defeated Terenure College at Glenina on Saturday morning last. This was the visitors first defeat in eight outings and underlined the magnitude of Galwegians victory. As against Skerries the previous weekend, the forwards played extremely well to lay on ample possession for the threequarters. Due to the absence of Michael Quaid, playing for Connacht Youths in Belfast, and the injured Brendan Keating, two minors, John Coll and Colm Hitchcock, deputised at full back and right wing respectively. Hitchcock scored a fine try, having completely wrong-

Brian G. Thornton, who has recently been appointed Inspector with the P.M.P.A. Insurance Co. Ltd. He will attend to the Fire and Accident business which that company is now transacting and is known in business and insurance circles in the West where he has previously worked for many years. He was Rally Secretary for the recent International Car Rally and regularly contributes articles on motor sport and related topics. Married, with three children, he lives in Fairlands Park, Newcastle.

footed the opposition by means of a brilliantly executed dummy. Michael Cullinane and Damian Meaney also scored tries for the winners and Peter Clarke completed the scoring with a penalty goal and he converted one of the tries. The Junior XV played East Connacht also at Glenina on Saturday morning and ran out easy winners by 26-0. On Sunday, Galwegians


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