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STANDARDISING EASTER The domination of man by the time and tide is sometimes presented as the greatest form of slavery. As we come to be governed more and more by THE clock, it is suggested, so too do the incidints of heart trouble, nervous disease and other major problems of the modern world increase. There is some truth in this. Few can ignore the stresses and strains of modern living and few will deny the relationship between the split-second life of urban man IN THE second half of the 20th century and some of the mental, social and human problems that are on the increase. But the problem is hardly as simple as that. Only AN unrealistic romantic will suggest that man has not been subject to some of the restrictions of time and tide for as long as recorded history, and most realistic people will realise that the difference in this, as in SO many other things, between now and then is essentially one of degree. That and the way we have allowed the obvious advantages of a reliable time-system to dominate us when we should be able to dominate it--a classical case of the man becoming the creature rather than the master of one of his own most useful creations.

Well see y o u right!

M u r p h y

Somebody has been exer cising his marketing ability in Comharchumann Chois l-'harraige Teo., the co-operative which operates a chain of Irish college* in Conamara. It has been decided to invite the bigger circus families to come to the Gaeltacht and put on shows which would be accompanied by an Irish language commentary. Whether this development is intended to provide a circus for Gaeltacht children or for the kids from all over the country who come to learn the language in the Summer is not exactly clear. It does appear however that the numbers booking for Irish colleges is likely to be down and that the circus is being introduced to attract target numbers. This makes eminently good marketing tense. It is a good gimmick and has generated consider able publicity for the Comharchumann't colleges.

It is necessary then to distinguish between those things that need to be standardised in the modern world in order that they make life easier for most of us and those things which we seek to force into conformity for the sake of bureaucratic convenience. We have had, IN the controversy about standard E.E.C. periods of Summer Time, a classical example of a relatively simple problem being inflated out of all proportion by people who feel that everything needs to be the same IN order to serve the interests of--well of whom? THIS is the type of attitude that would try to abolish the Irishman's pint ON top of pushing up the price. The example of technological progress in countries like the U.S.A. would be quoted--despite the fact that there is, possibly, .more administrative diversity in North America today than over most of WESTERN Europe. The United States, after all, retains four standard times and manages pretty well even in such time-related matters as air transport; it does so for the simple reason that such an arrangement fits the reality of daylight-hours and NEW ATTITUDES Speaking at the annual other natural factors over which even the most centralising Government agency dinner of the Kiltimagh Dis has no control. trict Community Council last Whatever about the issue of time, IN the hourly day-to-day context, the Friday (and it is worth noting that Kiltimagh is trying hard question of standardising the dates of certain annual festivals in our calendar to secure the headquarters of needs to be looked at and none moreso than the central Christian feast of Easter, the Western Development which is upon us again. The date on which Easter is celebrated varies quite Board) Mr. Tom O'Donnell, Minister for the Gaeltacht, considerably as we have realised long ago in Ireland. This is due to the fact that IRISH CHILDREN said that an inquiry on the the 1916 Rising took place on April 24th and that we are faced with a choice There are a number of appropriate organisation for other sides to the story the planning, co-ordination of remembering the event on the actual date, or on the Easter Monday. From a however which deserve con and discharge of the func religious point of view the actual date of Easter is not of very great importance. sideration in the light of this tions of Government at sub- What is important is that the events leading to the new hope for man's salvation latest development. If, as national levels had been seems to be conceded, the initiated. He continued: "As be commemorated. But there are other very good reasons why Easter should be numbers attending Irish col an indication of the Govern celebrated ON the same date each year. Easter determines so many other leges are on the decline, can ment's commitment to the important factors in the first half of the year. It determines, in many cases, the it be honestly claimed that successful outcome of this this is due to the current inquiry I would point out length of that vital third term leading up to so many examinations. It has an economic difficulties and to that it has been decided that important bearing on tourism trends and on the level of bookings for holidays these alone ? Some argue, it should be undertaken under both in Spring and even for the following Summer. The real date of Easter is with considerable conviction, the direction of a Cabinet not a serious issue between the Christian Churches. A common Easter, especially that it is probably cheaper to Committee consisting of the send a child to the Gaeltacht Ministers for Public Service, if agreed with the Greek Orthodox and other Eastern churches, would lead to for a month than to feed him Finance, Local Government, a common celebration of the events of the biggest week in the liturgical calendar, at home! This is due to the Industry and Commerce, and the most significant turning-point, apart from Christmas, in our year. We State aid which is given to Health, Agriculture and Fish such holidays. Which then eries and myself under the have an open mind on the date to be agreed. The first or second Sunday in prompts the question: could Chairmanship of Mr. Richie April seem to be the most obvious options. Perhaps it is time that Church the decline be due in some Ryan, T . D . , Minister for the and civil authorities looked AT the matter again. way to the downgrading of Public Service. The inquiry Irish in the schools as a will obviously be a compre result of the decisions taken hensive one embracing such by the present Government ? major areas or sectors as Local Government, Health, programmes which R T E The very fact that the Cois ed his tribute in Irish on the the business and politics of Agriculture and Industry. Pharraige experiment will made in 1966 are not being 60th anniversary, save in the However, it will not confine the newspaper business. His nark the first-ever oppor re-broadcast. Commercial and booklet Aisling, the answer is attitude to the much-lamented tunity for the Gaeltacht to itself to these areas alone. T o other considerations may be nowhere. assist the Cabinet Committee Sunningdale Agreement was experience a circus in their given to explain why other NICKY RACKARD interesting and honest and own environment should pro an inter-Departmental Com groups have decided to opt So they buried Nicky mittee has also been set up to probably reflected the unvide food for thought for out in 1976 but no siuch Rackard this week. He died report to the Cabinet Com those who are concerned excuse can be given by a articulated feelings of very at a young age from an in about providing a (air chance mittee and it will address national broadcasting service. many people. His references curable disease. His last years itself to a wide range of to his father's attitude to the for Irish-speaking families to The political parties are had been unhappy, having issues." E . E . C , and especially to lead a normal life, even in little better. Even Fianna Fail experienced the degradation divorce, were at once import their own immediate areas. It seems to be concentrating all of alcoholism. But he also had is sad that generations may If this indicates a fresh its efforts this year on the ant and touchingly human. the courage to pull himself For this man, now over 60, have grown up without the attitude to the entire regional celebration of the founding of back into normal life; a Eamonn de Valera was still, experience of a circus and one debate, then it is welcome the party fifty years ago, in reformed alcoholic, in fact, can only welcome the Comh- news. The one area missing quite simply "Dad." 1926. Which is fine, especially who dedicated himself to archumann's effort to do from the list mentioned by if it gives the party new life. helping others with the same something about it. But we Mr. O'Donnell which one STRANGE terrible problem--and a man But it should not be forgotten should not forget that there might expect to be included BEDFELLOWS with the guts to write about that Fianna Fail was founded are even more urgent, more is Education. But the Com Major de Valera displayed his experiences in the public following the defeat of the frequent and more important mittee should not take too press. Irish Republic established in a very professional grasp of elements of the average young long, nor should its work be the difference between news arms in 1916, endorsed in and views in journalism. He experience which still do not held over for announcement But Nicky Rackard will be popular election in 1918 and seemed to challenge anybody exist as far as Gaeltacht youth before the next election. The remembered most of all as formally established in poli to say that the Irish Press did the man who helped to pull are concerned. Like books, West knows what it wants. including school-books. Here And it wants results now. The tical form in 1919. Fianna not carry all the news. He Wexford out of the wilder FAIL was one effort to resur countered the allegation of again Comharchumann Chois fundamental issue is whether ness of hurling after forty rect the Republican struggle being a "Provo paper" with years and to make that county Fharraige has been trying to the Government has the from the ashes od the Civil the reminder that they were a new force in the top-grade do something about the situ political will to go ahead and War. The measure of the also charged with being a ation, but only State initia do what everybody knows in the 1950s. Wexford's first success of that effort is Fianna Fiil paper. But he All-Ireland in 45 years came tive can really solve the should be done ? worthy of consideration 50 saw no reason for apologising in 1955, followed by another problem. And what about television programmes--such years after, but without a for giving
the ground,and is to include Donegal (and also, possibly, Co. Leitrim) where does it leave our Western Develop ment Board for the "nonGaeltacht areas of Connacht and Donegal ?" T h e Western Development Board seems to be making heavy weather on many fronts. It was always a rather half-baked idea and as the number of fingers in the pie increases, it would seem the baking is becoming progressively more difficult. It is worth noting, therefore, the latest statement of the chief cook, as the heat of the kitchen increases.

O'Connor Television
THURS. 15 APRIL 4.00 The Electric Company. 4.30 PainV Along with Nancy. 5 00 Scotch C o r n t r 5 30 F Troop 6 00 The Angelus 6.01 News followed by News for the deaf 6.20 Corfu. 6.50 The Waltons. 7.50 Nuacht. 8.00 Poldark. 9.00 Oscar Peterson Presents. 9.30 News. 9.50 Landmark. 110.15 Marl and Market. 111).20 Cannon. 1 til .20 Outlook. 111.25 Late News. 7.10 A Hundred Thousand Wings. 7.5!) Nuacht. 8.00 The Riordans. 8.30 Sunday Night at the Movies: Soldier of Fortune. Part I. i.9.30 News. 9.45 Sunday Night at the Movies: Part II. 10.45 Feach. 11.20 Sports Scene. 12.05 Outlook. l'i.10 Late News.


FRI. 16 APRIL 3.00 The Stations of the Cross. 3.35 A Meditation for Good Friday. 4.15 The Angelus. 4.30 The Secret Garden. (i.00 News followed by News for t h e deaf. 6.20 The Swiss Family Robinson. 7.20 Anatomy of a Sports Show. 8.00 1 Heard the Owl Call My Name. 9.30 News. 9.50 Tyrellspass. 10.40 Winterreise. 12.10 Late News.

MON. 19 APRIL 2.25 Racing. 4.50 An Saol ag Dul Thart. 5.00 Sesame Street. 6.01 News followed by News for the deaf. 6.10 T h e Tom and J e r r y Show. 6.35 Unicef Gala from Paris. 7.35 Nuacht. 7.40 The Likes of Mike--At Largo. 8.30 Fleadh Cheoil in Donegal. 9.00 News. 9.15 Lawrence of Arabia. 12.35 Late News.

SAT. 17 APRIL 1.50 Sports Stadium. 5.15 Cartoon Time. 5.30 Wanderly Wagon 6.00 T h e Angelus. 6.01 News followed by News for the deaf 6.10 Alias Smith 7.50 and Jones. 8.00 7.10 Saturday Cinema: 9.00 Cry, The Beloved 9.30 Country. Part I. 9.50 7.50 Nuacht. 10 50 8.00 Saturday Cinema Part II. 9.05 Slogadh. 1120 9.30 News. 11.25 9.45 The Late Late Show. 111.40 Late News. 111.45 Match of the Day.

TUES. 20 APRIL 2.55 Racing. 5.10 An Saol ag Dul Thart. 5.15 Lolek and Bolek. 5.30 The Terracotta Horse. 6.00 The Angelus. 6.01 News followed by | News for the deaf 6.20 Three for the Road. 7.15 First House. Nuacht. Clayhanger. The Odd Couple. News. Ironside. Phyllis Bean Ui Cheallaigh Outlook. Late News.

Galway International Hotel

SUN. 18 APRIL 111.00 Mass. [lH.55 Urbi Et Orbi. 2.00 Mr. Smith's Vegetable Garden. 2.25 Sunday Matinee: The Wonderful World of Disney. 3.15 F.A.I. Cup Final. 5.20 Brightly Ornamented Slovak Easter Eggs. 5.55 Sports Results. 6.00 The Angelus. 6.01 News followed by News for the deaf 6.10 Newsround. 6.35 Compass.

WED. 21 APRIL 5.00 The Brady Bunch" 5.30 Teemur and the Little Animals. 6.00 The Angelus. 6.01 News followed byl News for the deaf J 6.20 Bridget Loves Bernie. 6.50 Chabot Solo. , 7.50 Nuacht. 8.00 Cross Country Quiz. 8.30 Ellery Queen. 9.30 News. 9.50 Garda Patrol. 10.00 The Celtic Countries. 10.30 On Stage at the Stadium. 11.00 Two Monasteries. 11.30 Outlook. 11.35 Late News.

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