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Chicken Drumsticks, Cooked Chickens. Sausage Rolls, Cold Mciiis. Siiiniuei Salads, Potato Salad. Cole Slaw, Sandwiches. Now available at our I KT. AWAY FOOD C O I N I KK at the tea garden a w SHOPPING c K M k i ;

notices saying "No swim ming" along the canal banks. The canal is dangerous for swimming: although relatively clean, weeds and submerged debris could cause a fatal accident. But the canal is also attracting midnight bathers and last Wednesday night residents aloog Canal Road were awakened by shouts of joy and screams of delight as a crowd of young people cooled off in the canal. Whether it was the fact the swimmers were naked or the amount of noise they were making or a combination of both when the Gardai arrived the scramble to safety was so extraordinarily fast that, so we are told, they would have won any Olympic event. There has been no mid night swimming there since.

beach. The sewerage must | be floating in from the outlet at the Claddagh Basin. It normally floats out to sea but clearly not all of it. The Corporation are waiting for sanction to build a main sewer from the Claddagh out to the lighthouse but in the mean time a notice should be put at the Grattan Road beach warning people that swimming there could be a hazard. As for our informant... he left the sea in disgust only to And the tide had come in, wetting his clothes.


The Castle
Lr. Abbeygate St. 11.30 -- 2 p.m.

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HOTTEST DAY It's been hot alright. In fact Tuesday, 30th June, was our hottest day since 1887. Temperatures of 30.5C (87F.) were recorded in Galway. Oddly June was a dull month with lower than average sun light and average rainfall (69m-). Unlike many other parts of the country and Europe Galway Is fortunate in it's water supply. The Corrib is a mighty reservoir and is most unlikely to pro vide a shortage problem. But the Borough Engineer has warned against undue wastage in any one area

GRATTAN BEACH COMPLAINT Pity the unfortunate city gentleman who so looked forward to his swim last Thursday that he aban doned his customary plunge at Silver Strand and made for the nearest beach in the city at the Grattan Road. It was about thirty years since he swam at the Grattan. He was impress ed at the renovations and general improvements on the beach and gladly left his clothes in a bundle and made his way into the which, because of pump water. The first thing that ing capacity can cause a happened he was attacked shortage in other areas. by seven dogs. Hopping and shouting he managed NO SWIMMING to shake them off but not The glorious weather is before one dog bit him making city residents also hard on the ankle. thankful Galway is so well He made his way out situated near the sea. through black and green Nothing can beat cooling algae and finally when he the blood than a plunge in was swimming found him the ocean and people are self surrounded by human enjoying a swim at Salthill sewerage floating in the Blackrock and the Silver water. Strand right up until it's It is understood that, in dark. fact, human faeces are not Children are also swim a health danger when in ming in the canal. Cllr. sea water after several Tom Tierney has asked the hours. Nevertheless it's an Borough Engineer, Mr. appaling situation, especi Gerry Layden to erect ally on such a popular

LIFEGUARDS On a much more serious level, when talking about safety on our beaches the very sad drowning of a young boy last Sunday on His Lordship, Most Rev. the Silver Strand prompts D r . M i c h a e l B r o w n e , h a s consideration of our life m a d e t h e following diocesan guards. appointments: It is quite understand Very R e v . Francis C a n o n able that lifeguards could H e n e g h a n , P . P . , V . F . , T h e not possibly watch every C a t h e d r a l , t o retire w i t h t h e individual when very large t i t l e P a s t o r E m e r i t u s . crowds are swimming. But V e r y R e v . J . J. C a n o n what emergency facilities H y l a n d , P . P . , Castlegar, t o are available ? b e Vicar Forane, Galway For example, have life d e a n e r y . guards any resuscitative Very R e v . Michael Spelequipment at hand ? What m a n , P . P . , Salthill, t o b e a about a telephone in the C a n o n of t h e D i o c e s a n lifeguards hut. In the case C h a p t e r . of the Silver Strand the Very R e v . Vincent J e n nearest phone is in Barna n i n g s , P . P . , S p i d d a l , t o b e and the chaotic parking P . P . , L i s c a n n o r . along the enterance road V o anavan would make it very diffi P r e se r y nR,e v . t RMb e r t' s CCollege i e y cult for a car to leave in G a l w d y , t t S . b ea r P . P . , T h e a o an emergency. Cathedral. Let's be sensible about Very Rev. T h o m a s K y n e , this. Areas should be A d m . , L i s c a n n o r , t o b e P . P . clearly marked to leave S p i d d a l . room for cars to turn in Rev. Eamonn M c l n e r n e y , only. Lifeguard huts t. M l should have a telephone Professor,e sSd e n t ,a r y 'ts. C o alreyg' e to be Pr i S M s at least. College. BAD EXAMPLE A black mark for the Labour Party for allowing their collection posters to be placed on the Salmon Weir Bridge. Aftei a long absence this bad example could lead to a new rash of those unsightly bills.
Rev. Martin Moran, Dean, Coteiste E i n d e , t o b e C . C . , T h e Cathedral. Rev. Patrick Connaughton, D e a n of S t u d i e s , S r . M a r y ' s College, t o b e Professor, S t . M a r y ' s College. Rev. Gerard Garvey, C C , T h e C a t h e d r a l , t o b e D e a n of D i s c i p l i n e , S t . M a r y ' s College Rev. John Keane, recently o r d a i n e d , t o b e D e a n of D i s c i p l i n e , Colaiste E i n d e .

Galway Diocesan Appointments



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