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Galway Advi'iiiMT Thursday I9lh February 197H
M a c l e a n , his latest in paperback, adventure adventure 284 of

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pages, 700 95p) a Williams, new adapted

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Fighting Auschwitz
tana, 95p) ment scribes 319 by the pages, Resistance

illustrated, move

Jozef Garlinski, with

In order to prepare for our biggest B o o k Sale yet . . . . our S h o p will c l o s e next Thursday at 4 p.m. Sale begins Friday February 27th at 9 . 3 0 a.m.

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All books discussed in . this column are subject to 6-75 per cent V.A.T. and are on sale at O'Gorman's Stationery and Bookshop, Shop Street, Galway.

Dublin which received Cork! shortly

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Mackarness eat plenty and of

S o , for those w h o are o v e r weight and confused by and calorie counting this bold enlightening book you food to as eat you as want much and

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Physical Fitness
illustrated does into but in not an a in and quiet de

(Penguin, Books, find 220 pages, Gladly want series getting keeping 12 corner to Olympic exercises the

At Lydons Cosmetique

Ea: Fat and Grow Slim

w i t h d i a g r a m s , 74 p a g e s , 3 5 p ) . rum you gendy the

O'Gorman's Stationery and Bookshop


65p) should

even greater are

a c c e p t a n c e t o d a y as his a t t a c k is o n m a n y f o o d i t e m s w e all r a t h e r s u s p i c i o u s include, form the ficial of synthethic ground of. These in put the into on arti com flavours terrifying harmful being improve shelf-

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signed for city

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colourings, synthetic whole '



SOME NEW TITLES Vet in Harness ( P a n , 2 5 2
pages, 60p) by James Herriot, his f o u r t h best seller o n t h e v a r i e d a n d e n t e r t a i n i n g life o f a v e t in t h e Y o r k s h i r e D a l e s .

potentially now


added to o u r food to life a n d profitability.

its a p p e a r a n c e , f l a v o u r ,

Breakheart Pass
192 pages, 60p)

(Fontana, by Alistair

MARY STREET Relax in pleasant surroundings for your Coffee Break in the "Coffee Deck" Mary Street. SOUPS COFFEE TEA POT OF TEA (2) SANDWICHES 15p BEEF HAM 10p SALAD 10p CHEESE HAMBURGERS 1 2 STEAK & KIDNEY PIE

20o 20p 20p 20p 18p 18p

sports two large showcases of photographs from An Taibh dhearc productions past and present, as a p e r m a n e n t dis p l a y . T h e m a n r e s p o n s i b l e is the new owner of the Castle, Henry O'Connor, who's i n t e r e s t in t h e T a i b h d h e a r c goes back to the time he appeared in school plays there. Congratulations H e n r y on your enterprise, no doubt y o u will d o a r o a r i n g t r a d e and why wouldn't y o u , fair play to you. There's a sort o f a theat rical glut o n these n e x t c o u p l e of weeks, what with the D r u i d p r o d u c t i o n of Virginia irv//, t h e J u n i o r C h a m b e r ' s Galway D r a m a F e s t i v a l a n d of course the Taibhdhearc's


Ban. A l l o f y o u


t h e a t r e g o e r s a r e in for a feast as the variety a n d selection of m a t e r i a l t o b e s h o w n in t h e next couple of weeks con tains something for every possible taste, from the biting r a p p o r t o f Virginia Wool/ t o the large colourful melo dramatic musical version of

The Colleen Ban.

T.V. O W N E R S
At last you too can have an efficient, same day service at a price you can afford by contacting . . . .

Tlivrv iff* are mint in
H o w are ye this w e e k , m y aul flowers? Did ye notice t h e little b i t o f S p r i n g in t h e air ? Well, 'twas there on M o n d a y a n d for a while o n Tuesday whether ye noticed it o r n o t . T e l l us n o w , here's a good q u e s t i o n for y e ; t h e y tell u s that the M a g h e r a transmitter is only operating on half p o w e r this w e a t h e r a n d that this is responsible for the horizontal interference that we a r c experiencing on our sets this w e a t h e r . N o w my question is, s i n c e they are only operating on half power i n t h e first p l a c e , w o u l d it n o t b e fair to o n l y p a y half o f o u r T.V. licences. How about that, Messrs. C o n o r Cruise a n d O'Brien ? 1 m e a n , after a l l , f a i r is f a i r , i s n ' t it ? I t e m o f interest for y e this week. T h e Castle Hotel now



Television Engineer At 61369, 62367 or Call to 5 MAINGl ARD ST.

Dogs. Yes, m a d a m , dogs, that's what I said. Some weeks ago I mentioned the wandering groups of dustbin s a m p l e r s t h a t live in m y a r e a , w e l l it s e e m s that they are not exclusive to M e r v u e 1 ut that practically every com m u n i t y is s u f f e r i n g f r o m t h i s s a m e menace. T h e thing to d o is t o s t a r t r e a r i n g u p on your public representatives a n d urging t h e m to take this u p as a m a t t e r o f urgency with the authorities. The G a r d a i at t h e m o m e n t have not the troops to do an all-out d o g thing, b u t a bit o f local harassment here and there could work wonders. Finally, a m o r e menacing s t o r y a n d t h a t is t h e s t e a l i n g of valuable dogs from outside their owners houses. In the p a s t f o r t n i g h t I h a v e h e a r d! o t t h r e e s u c h c a s e s , all s t o l e n b y g u y s in c a r s , o n e o f t h e m a grey Mini and the other a Cortina -- but the numbers have been passed on and things should be looking up. A n o t h e r l a d y in S a l t h i l l saw a stranger trying to entice a neighbour's Golden Lab rador into a car which drove off w h e n the lady called the dag's name. B e seeing ye 'round. DICK



Fresh Hen Turkeys 45p per lb. Dead and plucked. Oven ready if required. Delivered in Galway. Phone your order to :

The new Chrysler A l p i n e , chosen by Europe's top motoring correspondents as their 'Car o f the Year' for 1976. A roomy 5-seater, w i t h a 5th door giving you the versatility o f an estate. Electronic ignition and a choice o f 1294 cc or 1442 cc engine options,

delivering up to 38 mpg. The car o f the year, the new Chrysler Alpine -- at y o u r Chrysler Dealer.

L. & K. Lawless
KII.TULLA - ATHENRY Phone Kiltulla 4

.See it at. T E C R S E P OL H H YL R E P E
Galway Tel: Motors Limited Galway. Headford, Rd., (091)65296

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