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Galway Gleanings
Wi Rhnlmh mgn .E l ei a y f c t EnhhstowPey o aaad .aCeago bln wli n . e o e c wd epdd te sug n, hi t gl tuySv lte Ws cnus r l"axoe ee r te tog rte ta io aoade o ah r t l n any ehgtedti"s Te l al n ri ln . ih n n mn caervf te sug ltsean patow eare ree aeittihwa e hvga r h tar ty tdvon tmlt on r ehepg s, eh tig nwecne aud h e lr o * i te fh t, rtts te na h gt ei o n tegri srosean hreps h e eve o t snek a ia riny he. c l Lhrg K raia bnh mcBltn ean linc i ti / o t r Fsio a dcig ri sr i nn ew al e lne hs n be aam o iig a o ln c m i n ver o wltcn lf on n c e f p iel ie i fr Ien o a eea et rl f u ral Bt dueraoegnro un u srl n cnt a a o an to . t a ty L ek ia cm ht, h h i sre lia ln e ihmvs Bna o es wc Esr C. ly tw i aei /o i i n n tc n ml a, is i te sm a Gwy Nt oyhosat e ae o nl de hs lau?i h n mr / ee jn e L i go lnann ata w i tekhai ihno r h hc er S Cnah it i i f t h oy onceotist lnec,att f Nrt/ u n h olas oogh,teeattrt e t h rnencalS h e ie e s oan i n mi s. Wt t OIV T Al PSRTRs g t D NSAOut o o MIas E I TI m Fa Ck Mng, M Gus faarr n r w y SasuiKoihs orhwg. SSET ele noat i, suel ii a f ten r tg n UPCS m h l a h hsgdn. It mw e a ooe tiod yrbb b e l t h u p ay te a o el we frot il flt e ecr to ty ouio t air a tm h oievo shs lu-hf pe fst ey ad e te oi cino rn netd cm e tcarstset vse toi ml iol ne d m t h rr e caniBtsMk Kergpo i as r en s r a a test. tun a. poesnli t mriitaa ad arfflima onrtr n u-i e e sh so aim h a e t l e de o odrawt thsalitlb tomsn f loo gi yir oig acte ol o n qie "n inn vr e v acna pin nah ioa fi eul ys ea m atoie sad tStle shrts n rttea ngd. ue is, i fc, a m ia nr bh seHad baacm a o de n nd toa t n wn t pcm ut dvlp i tt i ri mn oeoimntigeu a et H s aoh e om n n b ms. m adyrvd tti "e"bfrn G apw fr ye o a y a hs e e l ent eog n yoes os va ea h w gt h a r n t m t ereC.u aaeeHi i a ui o Mngr e s toiv amitor.oea h t d nrt rt psie a visaiiuptran igm wr afcrlaevi,n n n h d btd rio e oo i anea w te e trs n ty h nie c cee fu--n te oendurihad h rn i Wsr teteti G a ad oea rnsanuaa Hne vo i d ri lrw ec rt n p tc .l y n l cv ivlg i mi cMtecnavmn iwteae uan Koa,net nehhv ret aepe .a r ean s e siiiu.orrttg ilre po acl pae an ga vr d t ae i a or duy ws hg r rl fn h ue uay cra, iln , Gect ad ot i t n ubntrsatpbml h ld, "t eee Tu ashr eep Wsn. dr s weopoe n he an l io pn"aoolh oean no o u cma abC.te opct ad lw i o oeGeet to Curru f dfy o its nli n a c f vii s l s tce e, oe sod naou h sn l t g setma teehiuntoasde hh r gpetitt ho ts oiu ep sa f asrcfotoe cegdcw p oin sr haei li teng wa ishrn ffc,t a ini hht , i d ah r y iiut l u f t vrlndprl,nms mo see ofcaoa ot i ps i , et . b i GETRT ALAI C ATalcYcm u UHtT o mn OH T s ee h w ae hf xme o ities,oerGaaet,C.hChvi on l lrt fs p tbigoraitcc o ah y he elonl s ml p su , i i n i t aegi t apeit t a eeehwonvrrbeaeut nr i ep c dhte o l e e qa u tsucs t mthah mg hr rioeeooteadvomn ed f c tp ea e nk fcg hm eeiot ta t ai h w u u n te lt tsdmnl cag hn a a ea h ftncue. Tanewi te u sr tsrstnihtt io h ppr r o tn a r e u yo ae orti sselcsn uohy dmni Gtt it AyrM cc a h h h iy' ode t aees citih r te aashrtar ws . O anl ah cmlut teepon Uasoadbe avom'tt a r hmnn lDne da h e i dkl bu ecd s yf ad fladyu/jgep ortpe hn. erus u rs t eo Te vtr ts oen a eh Caihhsmeoacrd nd ooho Cgma t m t i ae e t be carictig chn el y oodee o me (h sm nwn mctd tr e tn ee faih cucieyteeG a or o - na it h l tiw pat h tite wk aa Gslctotawa teeedlnd e h lht hy nael a ta sh e w ty ) n arsdi fc a n p ltcl ge n a w oi e wcue frt te e alct a atr o h Geah sro a "dp dn t e tu . Ntl n r i" oe t at et pn""aosmnnehpRd u,i s o aefrte riea bc ne o mi h toe tid t cne, bt a ia hprtreGectoayoiu sva al h vt ry ea e o u t t h a

is much more involved in the decision of the Mihister for Education, Mr. Burke, to prevent the creation of five new teaching posts in U.C.G., than meets the eye. In fact there is something vulgar, very vulgar, about all those vacant positions being advertised by Carysfort Teachers' Training College, under t e N.U.I, banner, and by the U.C.D. Folklore Department, at the same time h as t e Minister insists that not an inch can be yielded in the Galway effort to h make up t e vast leeway that needs to be made up if the Western University h institution i to b prepared to go its own way as a fully-Hedged seat of higher s e learning i t e future. n h Technically, of course, the Minister has a point. The Government has placed an embargo on the creation of new posts in the universities at present, and the U.C.G. plans contravened this embargo. That such a ban exists is a reflection of the type of Government we have in the first instance. But even if one accepts the need for restraint at present, the picture is still far from being a clear-cut one. The question of the U.C.G. law faculty is a rather complex one. It is a weak faculty at present and the creation of three new statutory positions was part of an effort to resolve outstanding staff problems in this area, as well as the beginning of a genuine effort to create a really dynamic law school in the West. As Dr. Colm O hKucha, President of L'.C.G. pointed out last week, it would seem the Ministerial decision was taken on economic, rather than educational grounds. He also pointed out that of the five posts at issue, only one, that of professorship in law, would have been filled in the current financial year, and this have been on approval from the Higher Authority.

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responsible for the Gaeltacht affairs just a Galway Corpor s ation or Roscommon Co. Council are responsible for the affairs of the regions they govern. It was gratifying to se people who are hardly on e talking terms about other issues all agree on this fundamental plank, and grati fying too to see the Mayo and Donegal representation at the meeting. An ad hoc commit tee has been set up to forge links with people in these areas and in other places like West Kerry and West Cork, in a united demand. T h e understanding and generosity of the English-speaking com munities throughout the country will also have to be won in this battle, and it is hoped that one of the first things the new ad hoc group will do is spell out in simple English what in fact they want, so that the difference between their stand and that of the Minister for the Gaeltacht on the entire affair will not be lost under a tide of interviews and media de bates in Irish which many people who unable, for what ever reason, to follow.


O'Connor Television thurs. u mrh ac

1 8.00 The Riordans. 8.30 Sunday Night at the Movies: Part I. The Truth 10 30 Senior English About Spring. 4 00 Erica 9.30 News. i 15 The Electric 9.45 Sunday Night Company at the Movies: 4 45 Scotch Corner The four other posts, two of them in law also, would have been filled in 1977 Part II. 5.15 Make Music. at the earliest. Surely our Higher Educational developments are not going to 10.40 Sports Scene 5.30 F Troop 111.25 Outlook. be planned on a year to year basis--depending on the budget each January for 6.00 The Angelus 6.01 News followed b 11.30 Late News y progress o lack of it--and surely to goodness we are not going to have another r News for the deaf year of Coalition talk about things being bad internationally and waiting for 6.20 Eureka. MON. 15 MARCH things to recover at the end of another year of stagnation? 6.50 T h e Waltons 10.30 Biology. 7.50 Nuacht. The raised include the commitment of the Government to the develop 4.00 T h e Pink Panther 8.00 Poldark. 4.30 Sesame Street. one decent university in the West of Ireland, at a time when there 9.00 Hall's Pictorial 5.30 Follyfoot. Weekly seems to b room and more room for further Higher Educational developments e 6.00 The Angelus. 9.30 News. in Dublin area. U.C.G. has been neglected for so it is so far behind in 6.01 News followed by 9.50 Landmark. and facilities, and its brief covers such a wide area geographically, (Donegal, News for the deaf 10.15 Mart and Market 6.20 Magic Connacht, Clare and parts of West and North West Leinster), as well as 10.20 Kojak. Roundabout. ! 11.20 Outlook. obligations t teach through two languages, that it deserves to be considered o 6.25 Animal Trail. 1H.25 Late News. as a case apart. Again, as Dr. O hEocha points out, U.C.G. aims to make its own 8.45 Opportunity F I 12 MARCH R. special contribution to the national study of law, through introducing courses FRILLY Knocks. 2.15 Senior English Considerable interest has in institutional law, EEC law and international convention law--all inadequately 7.30 The Playboy of 4.00 Inventive been shown in the news that catered for at present and all having increasing relevance to the overall Irish the Western Bobromir Galway's first Ban-Ghardai World. Part I. 4.15 Wagon Train situation. are to make their appearance 5.30 Youngline. 7.50 Nuacht. in the city in the near future. 6.00 The Angelus. 8.00 T h e Playboy of If w are serious about the West, then it is our contention that it is vitally e The Garda Commissioner 6.01 News followed by the Western has told Galway Co. Council necessary to root down institutions like a uniquely different and relevant! News for the deaf. World. Part II. that two Ban-Ghardai are to university institution in the area itself. Basic infrastructure, which includes niore 6.20 The Swiss Family 9.30 News. be allocated to the city, Robinson. 9.50 Feach. following representations by than roads and advance factories, is a basic prerequisite for balanced community 7.20 Liam Nolan's 10.20 Woodhouse Councillor Norman Morgan, development and much more important, in the long run, than even another Sportsworld. Playhouse. who asked the Council to Western Development Board. 7.50 Nuacht 10.50 The Way We press the Garda authorities 8.00 Hawaii Five-O Were. The only logical conclusion that can be drawn this negative action on the matter. 9.00 Cabaret 11.20 Outlook. It is understood that there is the is not only broke, but fears it is going to remain in that 9.30 News. 11.25 Late News. is a general welcome in Garda situation fr t e immediate period ahead. The action is negative and suggests 9.50 7 Days. o h circles, as there has been 10.35 Late Night difficulty in the past over that despite all the talk, there is no real intention to alter in any fundamental Cinema. TUES. 16 MARCH a, t e trend of dealing with the West that has been one of the most negative h 12.15 Late News. searching female suspects. A wy 12 00 Senior Mathi Ban-Gharda used to have to ad n neglected areas of Dublin rule, since (he slate was founded. 3.00 Tireolaiocht S T 13 MARCH A. come from Limerick to do 3 30 Racing 112.00 Sesame Street, the operation. God be with 1 30 Going Strong it .00 Lost in Space. the days when there were no far as Tuam before evening. changes in emphasis over the 4.45 Lolek and Bolek The evidence at the recent 1.55 Sports Stadium . Ban-Ghardai and females public enquiry on the same But the occasional one does 5.05 The Georgian . 5.15 Noddy & Friend's were rarely suspected or question would seem to sub get away, does topple on its past few years, will make a House. great book yet. We have ' 5.30 Wanderly Wagon searched. But even in those stantiate that view. Certainly side and then rolls around 5.30 Sports Club 6.00 T h e Angelus. days of innocence it would be the commentary of Mr. Sean the road in reaction to each already suggested that the 6.00 The Angelus. wrong to assume that the Dublin Bay Christian Demo gust, in a manner which is former Director General, Mr. 6.01 News followed by 6.01 News followed by gentle sex did not abuse their crat Loftus on the tape of extremely News for the deaf dangerous to Tom Hardiman, should be News for the deaf advantage, if not in serious the programme showed that 6.10 Alias Smith and traffic. There you are driving 6.20 Three for the crime, at least in the rather there was room for a differ along, and suddenly, from asked to undertake the task. Jones Road. unique business of poitin- ence of opinion on many of the sidewalk, a big bold bin 7.10 Saturday Cinema 7.15 First House. running. Galway folklore is the issues it seemed to accept runs in front of your car! One Million The reading of the letters 7.50 Nuacht. full of references to the with a minimum of question Suggestions to improve the in the Dail is a much more Years BC. Part I. 8.00 Clayihanger. crafty barmaids (bean an ti, ing. (Mr. Loftus, a native of situation welcome. And full serious matter. It will hardly 7.50 Nuacht. 9.00 The Odd Couple usually termed lean an leanna Castlebar, is going to have a marks to the men from the encourage future Ministers 8.00 Saturday Cinema 9.30 News. in this case) who kept the terrible job with the commer Corporation Part II. and Council to leave all their files stand 9.50 7 Days. bottle of poitin under their cial tag he has written into who try the stone in the on leaving office in time to 9.00 Rhoda. 10.20 Symphony frilly dress. This enabled his name, which he confirmed bottom, the re-placing of bins come. Old rumours about 9.30 News. Concerts. them to add some of the by deed poll; if, as rumour in shady corners etc., as their bonfires in the back garden of 9.45 The Late Late 10.55 They Shall Take magic brew to the ordinary has it, he is going to be contribution to road safety. government offices before Show. Up Serpents. drink being served -- thus drafted by Fianna Fail to Perhaps all bins should be changes in the administration 111.40 Late News. 1-11.25 Outlook. improving the flavour and stand in Clontarf next time!). licensed and be tied down may now become more than [ 11.45 Match of the Day. 1)1.30 Late News. inflating the profits on a like naughty dogs? old rumours. It is indeed WED. 17 MARCH bottle of whiskey at the same ironic that such a danger 12.00 Mass. time!--without running the HAVE BIN, WILL should be resurrected just at 2.10 Railway Cup risk of being caught by the TRAVEL the time when the Taoiseach, 10.30 Yoga for Health. Finals & Racing. law. For while the police Mr. Cosgrave, has had the 11.00 A w e n t u r a . Which prompts another 5.00 An Saol Ag might raid the premises from '11.30 Who's Afraid consideration of a problem Whatever one thinks about courage to place a copy of the Dul Thart. from time to time, there of Opera? the decision of Dr. Conor State papers for the years 5.05 TBA. would be no poitin on the which is growing in 112.00 Service of Cruise-O'Brien to read out 1922-1944 at the disposal of 5.50 Sports Results. shelf, or even under the new suburbia, especially on the historians, and from this Worship. counter. The sole source of windy days. Outside the the private correspondence week onwards, of the public. 6.00 T h e Angelus. 2.00 Learning for supply would be well con immediate city area, bin col of former Ministers of a Already we have heard of the 6.01 News followed by Life. cealed in all those aprons and lection takes place on the former administration into correspondence from Chur News for the deaf. 2.30 Sunday Matinee: no self-respecting officer of main roads only (and glad ye the record of the Dail, there chill, in 1922, to Michael 6.10 T h e Quiet Land. The wonderful the law would even dare to were to get even that service). can be no doubt about the Collins, putting pressure on 6.40 Rogha na Feile. World of Disney. search the innocent wearer of Those resident up the bor- effect of such action. T h e him to attack former Repub 7.20 Cross Country 3.20 When Willie these behind the counter. cens have to leave their bins attitude taken by the then lican comrades, even before Quiz. Comes Marching at the various junctions con Minister for Justice, Mr. Norman Morgan may yet be 7.50 Nuacht. Home. necting them to the main O'Malley is both commend the people had a chance to remembered as the man who 8.00 The Small vote on the issue 'of the 5.00 The Little House dealt a fatal blow to this road -- which means you can able and conscientious. T h e Treaty, and offering British Miracle. on the Prairie. "miss the bin lorry" as well attitude of Mr. Collins, re trade which is still more 9.30 News. _ . 5.55 Sports Results. sponsible for the media, in guns to do the work. We are frequent than most people in as the bus on the appointed 9.45 T h e Rocky Road 6.00 The Angelus. day of collection. Result one cluding R T E , is also reason not yet sure if gaps in the Galway will concede. to Dublin. 6.01News followed by is that many people leave able. In fact the entire papers relating to the conduct News for the deaf 10.30 Cheltenham down their bins on the main episode would seem to re of the Civil War and the SEAN D.B.C.D. L O F T U S death of Kevin O'Higgins, Special. 6.10 Newsround. There are a number of road the previous evening or store to Mr. Collins -- the which some historians suspect 11.00 Trom agus 6.35 Compass. recent developments in R T E early in the morning--which man so bitterly attacked by were burned before the Eadrom. 7.00 The Good Old which we merely wish to in turn gives the dogs a rare Dr. Cruise-O'Brien and many Cumann na nGaedheal ad 12.15 Outlook. Days. mention. Eighnn Harris won old time, and can lead to a Others when he sacked the ministration left office in 12.20 Late News. 7.50 Nuacht. his Jacob's Award for the more widespread scattering entire R T E Authority--the 1932, were, in fact, destroyed. n "Seven Days" film on the of rubbish i some parts than image of a liberal, certainly a We hope not, and that there proposed Dublin Bay oil ever took place when there more liberal figure in more contents will emerge in the refinery. It is no reflection was no collection. Result two trying circumstances than the near future. But the pos whatever on the ability of is, however, even more member of the present sibility of Ministers allowing Mr. Harris to state that serious. Most bins today arc Cabinet who is reported to their private papers and many people felt the pro light plastic affairs. They re have drunk a toast, at a correspondence while in the main he gave for Dublin dinner gramme was quite biased, for many political correspondents, "to office, to stand, may be not in the usual sense of that collection. The the freedom of the media greatly diminished by the word, but in the sense that hours e n are kind within the limits which I actions of Dr. O'Brien in the it went as close as possible to Corporation m Dail last week. expressing an editorial view enough on very windy days define." The whole relation point -- which RTE is not to put a stone or some other ship of the media and R T E heavy object into them to in particular to the Govern allowed to do. ensure they J o not all get as ment of the day, and the

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