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Champions once again
Noel Colleran, Pat Donnellan and Liam O'Neill spur Galway to great win
Score: GALWAY 2-15 ROSCOMMON 1-8 line has not the tough image! Right! Right!. The Goalkeeper, Gay Mitchell, performed magnificently but for one tendency which he must erad icate before bigger battles. He leaves his goal too easily, and is also inclined to stand a yard or two in front of the goal-line. Johnny Cullotty would seldom commit any of these goal-keeping Sins. One other thing--Mitchell would need to cut out telling the umpire his bu'iness on all occas ions. This turns an umpire against his team. In the last two weeks I've stated Liam O'Neill is Galway's most improved footballer. Bear with me while I repeat it. Ex tremely fit, he formed a grand half line with wee Coleen Mc Donagh and Miko Feerick. What a lovely footballer Coleen is. But O'Neill was the big man of the line.Midfield, too, did us proud. I told you last week that Pat Donnellan was back to his brill iant best. Only outside Galway is Donnellan's worth really appreciated. If you want to find out the true worth of a Galway footballer, ask a Kerryman. Mick "SAM M A G U I R E " dition. Frank Canavan took a fair length to settle down after com ing on, but became involved in good attacking movements nearing the end. What of Roscommon? They depend too much on Dermot Early. When he didn't dominate the game as he did against Mayo, they were beaten. Remember what team Captain Gerry Mannion said in the Sunday Press. "Wrap up midfield" was what he fore cast for Earley. Dermot tried for all his worth and was at all times the sportsman we know. Gerry Mannion himself played a Captain's part, especially in the first 20 minutes. So, too, did Tom Heneghan in the second half and, to a lesser extent Mel Flanagan and substitute Billy O'Hara. Ros common could ill afford the loss of Jim Cox at full forward so early in the game. They fought hard, but were out of their class. Galway followers will get another chance to see an 80 minute Connacht Final in Tuam on Saturday evening of this week at 7.15 p.m. I refer to the Con nacht S. F. Club Championship final between Dunmore McHales There were many disappointing mobility. For me he was THE features to last Sunday's Con MAN O F THE MATCH. Sel nacht final programme at Pearse dom nowadays do we see the clean Stadium, Salthill. The attendance fielding of the ball so effortlessly of around 12,000 was well down effected by Noel. This was a display on a par on the 29,000 attendance at last year's drawn game at the same with Noel Tierney at his best. One difference. Colleran's clear venue. Then there was the almost gale-force wind which blew into ances were better and more intelli gently placed. But hold it--I'm the town goal. Before the game, I laid a 5 bob wager with Roscom not saying Noel Colleran is a better full-back than Noel Tiemey mon's Seamus Duke that the team Some of us said that last year to play with the wind behind them in the first half would win. about Jack Cosgrove. Permaturely Galway did just that. But let us Tiemey gave the county magni stop denigrating. It is the "with ficent service at full-back over a it" thing to "knock" everything long period. When he retired he now. This was a great Galway became a cockshot for all eager to shoot. Not for me. The compari win and it's nice to be back in Croke Park again. On merit too. son of Colleran with Tierney is There were times last Sunday a tribute to Colleran. Long may when it was like old times. Espec Colleran continue to play like he did on Sunday. ially in the second half when Gal Brendan Colleran, Noel's way fought Roscommon and the wind defiantly and successfully. younger brother, seemed to take the cue and was the essence of For what it is worth, I'll tell you something--our team is as coolness. In fact the all-Colleran good as anything still left in the full-back line was getting sounder Championship. The next hurdle as the 80 minutes progressed. En will be the winners of the Offaly da seemed at loggerheads with the v. Meath Leinster final, hut we ball at times, but his game im look at that in this column in the proved immensely near the end. This is an all-Pioneer full-back weeks ahead. line. Pleasant to record this statis To last Sunday. Every Connacht final produces tic in this day when we are told its hero or hereoes. Somebody in the advertising media (Galway who surpasses anything he has Advertiser excluded!) that athletes ever done before. One who reaches must imbibe alcoholic liquids to a new peak, who sets a standard possess the "tough" image. You to be the yardstick by which his know the stuff we regularly see subsequent displays will be meas on "telly." Whizz kids filling cups ured. There are hosts of examples. with the stuff that's being adver Remember John Keenan in Cas- tised. I'm no puritan. I just tlebar two years ago. Last Sunday record this important statistic to it was full back Noel Colleran. disprove much of the "seafoid" His balding appearance is slightly we see on "telly' adverts. Who misleading as to his age and would say that this Galway full

> JL5L

The victorious Galway team.

T e Tm e i e
GALWAY G O L F CLUB Results: Sunday, July 12th Heffernan Trophy (Open Mixed Foursomes). Winners: M. Halpin (12) and Mrs. C. Howard (23)--66J (on last 9) Runners-up P. Murphy (10) and Mrs. P. Murphy (27)--66} Best Gros: P. Hennelly (8) and Mrs. W. Sandys (12)--77. Sunday next, July 19th--Naughton Cup--18 holes stroke. Fifty-five pairs contested the Heffeman Trophy Mixed Four somes on Sunday last, and, des pite the very blustery conditions, scoring was quite good. At the tail end of the evening, Mick Halpin and Carmel Howard brought in a 66} nett, which just Dp e Mr. and Mrs. Pat Murphy i pd ay virtue of a better second nine. The win was a very fine birthday present for Carmel, who has been featuring in a number of com petitions lately. T H E 'OPEN' 1970 will, I think, be re membered as the year that Doug. Sanders lost the British Open, rather than the year that Jack Nicklaus won it. What a tragedy that missed 2} foot putt was for Doug, who has been having quite a lean time of late. It was rather a coincidence that, when Nickalus last won the Open in 1966, the runner-up was--Doug Sanders! The l l t h hole at St. Andrews did not cause as much confusion this year at it has done on many occasions. This 170 yard par 3 hole has often been described as the greatest short hole in the world It is not however the terror it used to be before watering of the greens was introduced. The green is situated on a very definite slope which faces the tee. It is flanked at the front by the Strath and Hill bunkers, while immed-

Cyril Dunne appears to be begging for the ball and Castlebar Mitchels. Dunmore will have Gay Mitchell, John Donnellan, Pateen, John and Tommy Keenan, Seamus Leydon, Andy O'Connor, in action while Castlebar will have Brian Mc Donald, the former Dublin star, Liam O'Neill of Galway, Gay Nevin, Benny McHale, Mick Ruane and many other first-class performers. This should be a fine club game, and will be well worth seeing. In the weeks ahead, I intend to keep readers informed on the preparations prior to the All-Ire land semi-final on August 9. Be fore I finish, I would like to record a tribute to Con Crowley and his band of able stewards for a grand days work. To the Gardai, too, a bouquet for the efficient manner in which they handled the traffic. One last thing, last week I said all the players would be at their respective jobs on the Monday following the game. I was wrong. Most of the Galway fellows were celebrating one of their mates Cyril Dunne's wedding day. Con grats Cyril on your SIXTH Connacht medal and on your marriage.

iately behind the green is a very steep drop to the bank of the river Eden. After a long dry spell, quite frequently a player who was either bunkered or over the green, found himself in double figures before holing out. It was here that Ted Ray once took on 11, and here also Bobby Jones tore up his card in the 1921 Open. Jones was caught off his tee shot in the Strath bunker. He made two un successful efforts to get out, and was so strong at the third attempt that his ball went right into the Eden river. He then tore up ! There are many stories attached to the Open, but one which appeals to many people is con nected with the first foreign winner, Amaud Massy of France. Shortly after his victory in 1907, Massy's wife gave birth to a daughter, and she was named Hoylake Massy after the scene of the triumph! PROBLEM CORNER. Question:--If wind blown paper, cigarette packets, an old brick, a broken bottle and a dead rat lie in a hazard, what if anything, may be removed if your ball is in the hazard? Answer:--All, except the dead rat may be removed. A dead rat, not being artificial, is a loose impediment and accordingly can not be removed when both the impediment and the ball lie in, or touch, a hazard. Question:--If casual water on the putting green intervenes bet ween the hole and a ball lying off the putting green, is the player entitled to relief? Answer :--If the ball itself does not lie in, or touch, casual water, then you are not entitled to any relief. Rule 32-1(c) applies only when the ball itself lies on the green. Golf--"It brings out the best and the worst in a person. It bares a fellow's very soul". (Jimmy Demaret).

Another one of the many Galway points scored from play.

O'Connell for instance. Once again this was vintage Pateen and the Dunmore man got great help from the long haired Willie Joyce. I had misgivings about Joyce be fore this game. Still have a few. But by God this man has "heart" to burn. He may turn out to be a great midfielder yet. The forwards were a revelation none better than Tommy Keenan in the first half, and Liam Sammon in the second. Joe Mc Laughlin scored two fine goals but, in general play, he still doesn't measure up to Mattie Mc Donagh or Sean Purcell in the position. Perhaps the comparsion is unfair. Still, his performance was much improved on the day in Charlestown. John Keenan and Cyril Dunne showed much of the old craft and scored in fine fashion. I lik.J especially the way Dunne stayed in position in the second half. Maturity teaches. Both Seamus Leydon and Jimmy Duggan showed the effects of recent injuries and the consequent lack of fitness. We wish both a speedy return to top ron-

Victor W a l s h , G a l w a y B o x i n g Club 8 stone youth, Connacht Champion 1969 a n d 1970, o n e of t h e m o s t d e d i c a t e d b o x e r s in t h e Club. He is v e r y p o p u l a r with b o x i n g f a n s w i t h h i s t w o fisted a g g r e s s i v e style. T w i c e u n l u c k y in t h e Irish C h a m p i o n s h i p s , on both o c c a s i o n s h e w a s beaten by the eventual winner. Victor c o m e s f r o m a b o x i n g f a m i l y . His o l d e r b r o t h e r , N o e l former C o n n a c h t C h a m p i o n , is n o w b o x i n g E n g l a n d , a n d t w o of h i s b r o t h e r s , M i c h a e l a n d T o m , a l s o box for t h e G a l w a y B o x i n g Club. T h e S c h o o l b o y T r i a n g u l a r Inter n a t i o n a l i s g o i n g to b e s t a g e d in t h e N a t i o n a l S t a d i u m , D u b l i n , later i n t h e s e a s o n , a n d w e h a v e two a u t o m a t i c c h o i c e s for it. T w i c e Irish C h a m p i o n . Martin Lee. O u g h t e r a r d , and Michael Connaughton, Holy F a m i l y , t h i s y e a r s Irish C h a m p i o n . Galway boxing fans will have these two boys box for their country.

CONNACHT CUP WET FLY COMPETITION The Connacht Cup Wet Fly Competition was held at Green fields, on Lough Corrib, on Sth July. Sixty Anglers competed in this popular competition. The Connacht Cup was won by Martin Phclan, Salthill, with 4 fish, weighing 3lbs. 12ozs. Second prize The Waterford Glass Trophy, went to Paddy Howard, Castlebar with 3 fish weighing 4 ozs. Third prize, another Waterford Glass Trophy was won by Peter O'Malley, Ballinrobe with 3 fish weighing 21bs. 14ozs. The first three in this Com petition qualify for the 'Friendly Interprovincial Competition to be Sth September, 1970. The following team qualify to represent Connacht in the Interprovincial Competition on held on Lough Conn, on 19th

September, 1970: -- Martin, Phelan, Salthill, Paddy Howard, Castlegar, Peter O Malley, Ballinrobe, Mattie Hynes N T . , Comamona, C. J. Deacy, Renmore, Galway Martin Faherty Oughterard, Frank Stevens, Barna Patrick Day, Headford, Leo Joyce Westport, Tom Varley, Ballinrobe.Bartlcy Mc Ganley, Oughter ard, Serg. H. O'Riordan, Coma mona, John Deacy, Renmore, Galway, Tom Browne, Maunsell's Road, Galway, Mr. Kentgen, Oughterard, Michael Lovett, N.T. Claran, Headford. CAPTAIN Mr. Martin Phelan, Salthill has been selected as Captain of the Connacht Team to compete in the "Friendly International" later this year. Mr. Phelan is a member of the Corrib Rowing and Yachting Club and the Gal way and Lough Corrib Anglers Association.

Kilcolgan Gymkhana
In aid of Rehabilitation Institute and the Co. Galway Hunt Pony Club. SUNDAY, JULY 19th Sharp Commencing at 1.00 p.m. Under S.J.A.I. Rules Admission . 3/-


For Peterson and G.B.D. pipes

27 W i l l i a m S t r e e t , Galway.
The "Galway O'Gorman Advertiser" Ltd., Shop St., is printed Galway. and published by 5758/9


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