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Hi o t it T V


11 1


C O L O U R T.V.





ALL L E A D I N G B R A N D S S T O C K E D Confidential Loans with Low Low Repayments arranged.

* * Trade in your old Set. Best Trade in allowances in town.


Our photograph shows some of t h e w i n n e r s , M r . P a d d y Creavin (back left); the Mayor, Cllr. Paddy O'Flaherty, and M r . T o m Kenny.



All Sets carry our own Personal Guarantee and full After Sales Service.



A 33, S H O P P I N G CENTRE (
a sup "ciue tIeh votate dnsimply to get a nice front Advertiser. paintings t h ewya nhtaedd atione rW:ni dnHtsaoourgartt omaterialn Bray,. Qn h ms pnse tstarted out three years ago to send in T h e y just i a e teaad t l pli s h n s of fnceo y election as Myr for t h e C h r i s t m a s issue enjoyed d o i n g . " u m & N cover sifntawy was hw Cllao the Galway Advertiser" M r . P a d d y Creavin, Cregal ofn dE n g l adn d . Alsoe w tro. TLot dm M of oaG O"l hryo y prizes Patrick c n a Road Piddl the' C eittndes r.said ot rhm apna,p e"r 'ist editor obvious A ratl wParyo,d uist s ,toM obei v esincerely, aKnedn nfor for d o n a ttihneg famous d a, ah si a Art O ' G e y F r s allowing was c oe ptto prizegiving t h a t t h e children c o u l d n ' t Gh a n k e d for his generous K e n n y Gallery to b e used for rb eii n C m h rdy e e i g atcare t w o p e n c e a b o u t t h e tsponsorship of t h e c o m p e t i t h e prizegiving ceremony. last Kny aAtvGallery, t e T uscprfor no h enxe t ntw fo D bi pie i ht sormwn en rzwnEy n nls e forty-eig wt up rniuand to a aaihds forhhe g e t on, Come in out of the cold . rcer i t occassi r rve to e cmn fa s s far em o i g rm a swy as Kn aa A aet r R a vK,lmr ahu ui oy on CaG r. , r e e Warm Home with . . . and ot " A l t h o u g h the competition

electric convector heaters

from your friendly Department Store

T h r e e y o u n g winners in the Christmas Art Competi tion (from left): M a r g e r y D o w l i n g , Rookdale, Ballybane Claudia C r o w e , t h e overall winner of t h e competition, from Maryville, B o h e r m o r e , and N u a l a M c G l y n n , a pupil jf St. B r e n d a n ' s National School.

ST. A U G U S T I N E STREET -- GALWAY Telephone 2185

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