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I n t h ec
Prison term for
A Claddagh man w a s sentenced to three months in prison this week following his third conviction for driving without insurance. Eamon Carrick, 2 St Dominick's Road, Claddagh, Two women lost their appetite when a drunken man at a nearby table in a city centre Galway, pleaded guilty restaurant stuck a steak knife into their table. following his detection by Garda Pat Burke in the early Shane Coady, Castlegar House, Headford He became abusive to staff following the hours of March 2 last at Road, Galway. told Galway District Court incident and staff called the gardai. he said. Eyre Street, Galway. he had been having a bad day and was drunk Coady apologised in court for his Garda Burke said Carrick when the incident occurred at the Couch behaviour. He said he had been drinking Potato restaurant, at Abbeygate Street, earlier in the day and was just too drunk. It was driving a car which had Galway on September 6 last. * hadn't been a good day for him either, he false number plates fitted. He said the accused had a Garda Declan Mulligan gave evidence he said, and he had offered to pay for the number of previous was called to the restaurant by staff where women's meals to show his remorse. convictions including two he found Coady in a highly intoxicated state. Judge Geoff Browne said he would apply driving without He had been having a meal with his the Probation Act if Coady gave 250 to the for girlfriend when he suddenly stuck his steak court poor box by November 17 and he insurance. Judge Geoff Browne knife into a nearby table where two women adjourned the matter to that date. convicted and fined Carrick were having a meal. 1,000 and disqualified him from driving for five years in addition to imposing a three-month sentence. He also fined him 5 0 for not having a driving licence.

Man stuck steak knife in restaurant table after having a bad day

Claddagh m a n who drove without insurance

Green-fingered T a um student caught growing cannabis plants
A first-year science student who branched out into agricultural science and successfully grew two cannabis plants in his student accommodation last year with the help of artificial light and a timer, was given the opportunity to help the St Vincent de Paul Society in lieu of a conviction, when he appeared before Galway District Court this week. Michael Ralph (21), Sun Street, Tuam, Defence solicitor, William Glynn, said his pleaded guilty to cultivating the cannabis client was now repeating his first year plants at a house in Tara Grove, Wellpark, science and business information studies Galway, without a licence, contrary to because he had not applied himself last year. Section 17 and 27 of the Misuse of Drugs He said Ralph came from a respectable Act, 1977. family in Tuam and his parents would be Detective Michael Staunton gave ensuring he behaved himself from now on. evidence that as a result of a tip-off he A conviction, Mr Glynn said, would restrict searched the house on March 26 last and his client's ability to travel in the future. found two cannabis plants being cultivated Judge Geoff Browne adjourned the matter with the aid of a light with a timer on it. to December 1 and indicated that if Ralph Ralph said the plants were his and he had had paid 250 to the St Vincent de Paul by been growing them for his own use. that date he would apply the Probation Act. "It was a student house and it's a student kind of thing to do," detective Staunton said.

A Dublin man apologised at Galway District Court this week for his abusive behaviour towards shoppers, which led to his arrest in Galway last month. Thomas McGrath, from Two Romanians who, along with their families, have been given residency in this Donneycarney, Dublin 5, country, appeared before Galway District Court this week, charged with making their pleaded guilty to a breach of children play music and beg in Galway. the peace and being drunk in public outside Supermac's, Danciv Rostas. SI Forest Park, Luc an. Further down the street Garda Delaney Eyre Square, Galway, on Dublin, was given a one-month suspended came across another little boy playing an August 31 last. sentence and bound to the peace for two accordion. Garda John Whyte gave years, after he pleaded guilty to begging in When he approached him the boy ran into evidence he received a Shop Street, Galway, on September 5 last. Mac Donald's where the garda spoke to his number of complaints from He also pleaded guilty to making his eight- father, Vasile Muntean. Garda Delaney staff in shops around Eyre years-old son beg on the same occasion, arrested both men in Shop Street on that Square and when he went to contrary to Section 247 of the Children's date. investigate he found Act, 2001. and for that offence he was fined In court this week, defence solicitor, McGrath in a highly Valerie Corcoran, said both men and their intoxicated state. He was Vasile Muntean. 23 Old Church Avenue, families had been given residency in Ireland abusive to both the garda Clondalkin, Co Dublin, pleaded guilty to and lived in Dublin. They were both and members of the public. making his child beg in Shop Street. looking for work here, she said. McGrath told Judge Geoff Galway, contrary to the Children's Act, Judge Geoff Browne said he had no Browne he had been down 2001. on the same occasion and be was also option but to impose a one-month sentence in Galway for the weekend fined 7 5 . on Danciv Rostas for begging himself, but and had drunk too much. Garda Nicholas Delaney gave evidence he suspended the sentence for two years on He said he was embarrassed that he received numerous complaints from condition that the accused keep the peace that he had let himself down members of the public about little boys and not re-offend in that time. so much. playing instruments and looking for money He also fined him 7 5 for making bis Judge Browne accepted in Shop Street child beg and imposed a similar monetary the apology and said he He came across a young boy p penalty on Vasile Muntean for making his would not impose a mouth organ in Shop Street on Sep child beg. Judge Browne warned Rostas conviction, if McGrath made that he would be going to prison if he re offended. who was playing an accordion.

Shop Street silent after begging childrens' fathers prosecuted

Drunken man falling

P o o r box donation saves r o w d y m a n f r o m conviction

around street outside pub
"I do be intoxicated occasionally," was the observation made by a man arrested for being drunk and danger to himself and others outside a city pub, Galway District Court heard this week. Before the court was Michael Marr, of no fixed abode and c/o Fairgreen Hostel for Homeless Men, Fairgreen, Galway, who was charged under the Public Order Act for being drunk in public on September 5 last. Staff at the Roisin Dubh pub in Dominick Street, had to call the gardai that evening after Marr refused to leave the premises where he had been hassling staff and customers alike. Garda Shane Igoe found him falling around the street outside the premises and he arrested him for his own safety When charged. Marr replied, "I do be intoxicated occasionally." Judge Geoff Browne convicted and fined him


S o z in n oe public flowe pot lands su e t in court t dn
A drunken post graduate student who fell fast asleep in a public flower display came up smelling of roses at Galway District Court this where he was given the opportunity to make a donation to the court poor box in lieu of a conviction. Murrough McDonagh (26), 10 Crescent View, Riverside, Tuam Road, Galway, was on the flat of his back in a large flower pot when Garda Angelina McCormack came across him in at 5.05 a.m. of October 2 last at Long Walk, Galway. She had difficulty waking him up and when she finally succeeded he was very intoxicated and disorientated. He was incapable of giving her his name and address and was arrested for his own safety. Garda McCormack agreed with Judge Geoff Browne that McDonagh could have fallen into the river if she had not come along and arrested him. The court heard McDonagh had no recollection of meeting Garda McCormack that night. He had been working that day and had met some friends just home from the US and had gone to a house party with them later that evening. A lack of food and too much alcohol had contributed to his drunken state. Judge Browne noted that a conviction would affect McDonagh's plans to travel to the U.S. next year as part of his studies and he told him he would apply the Probation Act if 2 5 0 was handed into the court poor box. He adjourned the matter for one month to give McDonagh an opportunity to pay over the money.

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