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Greeting age gracefully
HOW DO you face the passing years? Is it with dread or are you deeply philosophical about the whole thing and realise each year or indeed decade, brings something extra to your life, a new aware ness of yourself, of your image and attitude to life? Stepping from the twenties to the thirties is a milestone for many and just when you've reconciled yourself to being thirty-something, the dreaded forties loom large on the horizon. The horror of reaching the fifties or sixties is no longer as great as it used to be thanks to women, such as Joan Collins who remarried at 68 recently or Liza Minnelli who became a newly wed again at 56! They have shown us that being fifty-plus is no drawback in life. In fact, it can open up new doors for those brave enough to take on new chal lenges.

least twice a day, paying special attention to your neck. Don't drag the skin as you are applying it. Use the tip of the second and third fingers and massage it in with gentle, upward movements. Use a conditioner each time you wash your hair and if your locks tend to be limp and greasy, wash often with a gentle shampoo. If your hair looks dull and lifeless, try one of the semi-permanent colours in the shade nearest your own or be brave and try a slightly dif ferent colour. If you are overweight and want to battle the bulge, cut out snacking between meals. Cut down on starchy foods like bread and potatoes and avoid cream cakes. Opt for fresh fruit and vegetables instead. Don't drink too much tea or coffee and exercise daily. Avoid outfits that are too tight, they will make you look fat and bumpy. Take care of your clothes. Hang them on plastic hangers when not in use and store them in the wardrobe. Always heed cleaning and ironing instructions.

If you are thirty and feel about 100, snap out of it. This is a wonder ful age. The thirties are only a continuation of the twenties. Now is the time to firmly establish a beauty routine. After 25, our skin begins to get a little less supple and drier. Counteract that by using a moisturiser or nourishing cream every morning and night, preferably during the day as well. Don't forget your neck which needs special attention as it is often the first part of you to become lined. At the end of the day, give your feet a soak in warm, salted water. It shows on your face when your feet are hurting. Take care of your hands by wearing rubber gloves for washing or gardening and use hand cream liberally. Keep up with the latest hair trends and be adventurous. Find a good hairdresser and let him/her guide you about what look would best suit your personality and lifestyle. Avoid frowning or you will get wrinkles long before you should. Wear sunglasses and sun hat in hot weather. Treat yourself to a manicure weekly. File your nails, gently push back your cuticles to reveal the half moon and varnish your nails in one of today's prettiest shades.






Fun in the sun: Caring for your skin is the secret to looking good at any age. Always wear sunscreen when sunbathing. Bikini and chiffon sarong from Roches Stores' summer colL lection.

Take a look in the mirror and what do you see? Has your hair lost a little of its vitality, is your skin getting drier? Are some sneaky lines beginning to creep around your eyes and mouth? You may even have put on a little weight. All those problems can be solved easily. Conquer the dry skin first. Choose a good moisturiser and use it at

By now, you may be a granny or about to retire from your job, if you work outside the home. Make the most of your free time and take up new interests. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and drink lots of water to keep your eyes and skin bright. Don't sink into age, believing your best days are over. They may be just beginning - Joan Collins recently re-married a man many years her junior so age should be no barrier to living a full life. Dress for the occasion. Wear smart and stylish clothes and always be well groomed. Use plenty of moisturiser because your skin may have become drier. Get the advice of a beauty therapist on how to maximise your looks. Take care of your eyes and teeth. Visit the dentist at least every six months for a check-up.

IMeutrogena g i v e a w a y
Neutrogena - one of the biggest skin care brands in the United States - has introduced a new facial skin-care range Neutrogena Visibly Refined. This is designed to give women visibly softer, smoother and more refined skin by actively reducing the size of their pores. Skin is healthier, smoother and more even in just two weeks, the manufactur ers claim. The Neutrogena Visibly Refined range comprises five products - a mattifier, daily moisturizer, SPF15 moisturiser, facial wash and toner, and works by reducing pore size, improving skin tex ture and clarity, reducing facial redness and the appearance of fine lines. The products in the range are designed to be used individually or in combination with each other. Many women suffer from some kind of skin shine problem, either during the day, or on a night out. Neutrogena Pore Refining Mattifier works to combat shine. Dermatologically tested, this oilfree silicone formula absorbs oil and eliminates shine. Its dual-action formula transforms into a silky matte finish the moment you apply it, so fine lines and wrinkles are diminished and pores look smaller leaving skin clear and matt in appearance. Skin is smoother and more even, according to the makers. And shine is controlled all day. To celebrate the launch of the Visibly Refined Range in Ireland, Neutrogena has a number of giftpacks containing a mattifier, SPF15 moisturiser. facial wash and toner worth 43 euro each to give away. To enter, simply answer the fol lowing question: Q: What is the name of Neutrogena's new skin-care range/To be in with a

chance to win send your entry on a post card with your name, address and tele phone number to:Neutrogena Competition,

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The Galway Advertiser, 41/42 Eyre Square, Galway. by Thursday June 6 2002.


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