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Dear Editor tions and man-made doc I found the letter entitled trines. From this we can Dear Editor, We as a community live with the dangers of aviation fuel "Born Again Christians: deduce that Jesus Christ was Carnmore Airport Residence Association (CARA) would like pollution on our garden produce, our clothing and within our Who is the Leader?" deeply the founder of the Born to answer some of the points raised by John Coyle chairman homes. insulting to Born Again Again Christian movement. of Galway Airport in last week's Advertiser. We also live with the intrusion of noise pollution generated Christians. The writer makes Being born again means Corrib Airport by its existence has made life difficult for the by small helicopters hovering in training exercises on a regu no honest attempt to discuss being bom anew in the spirit local residents and not the other way round for the following lar basis. who is the founder of the through the grace of the We live with the fear of having our lands compulsory pur reasons: Bom Again Christian move Holy Spirit. A Born Again There has been zero communication or consultation with the chased by Galway County Council on behalf of a private ment, he uses an innocent Christian receives his truth company called Corrib Airport Ltd. local community over the past 10 years and we feel that we discussion on who founded from the Bible and the Holy have been taken for granted. We furthermore live with the fear of accidents occurring in the Born Again Christian Spirit not from man-made Two areas known as Public Safety Zones (PSZ) exist at the environs of the airport of which there have been two such movement to give a lecture institutions and doctrines either end of the runway. They are controlled by the Irish incidents in the last few years. on his own religious opin which can err and make mis Aviation Authority and Galway County Council for planning These are just some of the difficulties that this community ions and condemn Born takes. We are only beginning purposes which has prevented families living within these has with the proposed expansion of the Airport and if John Again Christians. He is prac to realise that institutions areas from obtaining planning permission for dwellings, etc, Coyle is of the opinion that our problems will decrease with tically pushing his Catholic can make serious mistakes in in the past. At no point were the residents informed of their the future expansion then I feel that he is being a bit disin religion on people. this country. existence or shown any drawings of the areas. Many resi genuous. We also feel that the call for a meeting coming just The writer is obviously prej For nearly two thousand dents only found out about the PSZ when they lodged plan two hours after we had lodged an appeal to their successful udiced against all religions years Bom Again Christians ning applications and the appropriate fees which were not planning application is somewhat late in the day and again outside his own. He displays have remained true to the refundable when the applications were refused. It is our shows what approach the Airport has to this community. an amazing arrogance as he original teachings of Jesus understanding that new lands will now be incorporated into Yours faithfully, believes that all the answers Christ and have done so in a the PSZ and the owners of these lands have not been Tom Laverty to existence are contained in humble, simple and non-vio informed. CARA. the doctrines of his own lent manner. Some kept their church. This is the very Christian beliefs to them mindset which has caused so selves and followed the many religious wars teachings in the Bible, some Women. March is organising a gathering of throughout history. Have we formed prayer groups, some Dear Editor, On October 17, 2000, the World March We demand that the UN and its member women on Tuesday October 17 at 12 had enough of this old mind formed Christian denomina of Women takes place. In cities and states take concrete measures to recog noon at the top of Shop Street, so that set and accompanying reli tions, others became mystics searching for the light of countryside, in 157 countries and terri nise and value all women's lives and all we can bring out into the open 2000 gious wars? tories throughout the planet, women are women's work (especially the caring Good Reasons why we want the world The origins of the Born God. Many lived the simple coming together in an act of solidarity work); put an end to no pay, low pay, to change. Bring banners, demands, Again Christians go back to lifestyle of sharing and car to change the world! On October 17, and too much work; eliminate poverty anger, laughter, frustration, hope the Acts of the Apostles in ing practised by the Apostles the day that women who can, will gath and ensure a fair distribution of the humour, and your 2000 reasons. the New Testament, I will and the Disciples of Jesus er in New York, and also the day that planet's wealth between rich and poor, If you cannot be with us the top of quote the relevant passages, Christ. By their fruits shall the international political delegation and between men and women; elimi Shop Street, do something, wherever "Jesus answered 'I am telling ye know them. They carried will meet with UN Secretary-General nate violence against women and you are! you the truth; no one can see no labels, no tags, but they Kofifi Annan, the whole world will res ensure equality between women and Margaretta D'Arcy, the Kingdom of God unless carried the love and light of onate with the voices of women men. Women in Media and Entertainment, he is born again' " (John Jesus Christ in their hearts. involved in the World March of The Galway Section of the World 10 St Bridget's Place Lower, 3:3)." 'I am telling you the Others labelled them with truth' replied Jesus, 'No one various tags and labels and can enter the Kingdom of used this to discriminate God unless he is born of against them and persecute water and the Spirit. A per them. Bom Again Christians son is born of human par suffered persecution, big ents, but he is bom spiritual otry, burnings at the stake, their success. The Galway Gaelic football where skill Dear Editor, paign. Today there was an ly of the spirit. Do not be murder, imprisonment, tor team and the Galway people and above all fair and decent As a Kerry man and a fervent extra shine on the faces of surprised because I tell you ture, etc. for their beliefs. can keep their heads held play will characterize interKerry supporter I wish to Kerry people as they knew that you must all be born I would like to answer another point brought up by county competition. congratulate the Galway they had beaten a wonderful high and I am certain there again'" (John 3:5-7). team on their wonderful side and I am certain that had will always be a welcome for Sincerely, These are the words of the writer, the Born Again their footballers down here Mike ODonnell, sportsmanship not only dur Galway been victorious Jesus Christ our saviour and Christian movement is not in the Kingdom. It is a team Killerisk, ing the last two matches Kerry people the lovers of redeemer, they are not the an institution, it is not inter such as Galway that I hope Tralee, against our side hut also dur good clean football - would words of man-made institu ested in power and control, it are heralding a new era in Co Kerry. ing the championship cam not have begrudged them

Carnmore Airport Residents Association answers John Coyle

A n

apologia for

B o r n
is not interested in "money spinning" and wealth, its treasure is the Kingdom of God, a treasure which will not rot in the grave or decay like material possessions. Born Again Christians do not need power-structures to impose old narrow manmade doctrines or control people and keep them down, they do not need money and wealth to feel secure and content - the Bom Again Christian finds everything in the loving all embracing light of God and the glory of God made manifest on earth. I ask what religion did Jesus Christ belong to? Look to the hearts of men and women and the fruits they bear before you label and tag people. Western society is obsessed with power. Men who are given too much power become control freaks, they believe they can never err, they become like a god. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. All men and women are children of God and all are called to seek the light of God; God is D O ! the "real estate" of any group or reli gion; the labels, tags, names, etc. applied to people are meaningless, they are used by control freaks to control people and divide and manipulate people against each other. The word of God and the Holy Spirit are above all man-made institutions and doctrines. I hope that this will enlighten the writer of that letter Peace be with you all Yours Sincerely, Jim Power

A g a i n


Calling all w o m e n

K e r r y supporter congratulates G a l w a y t e a m o n great s p o r t s m a n s h i p

Teething problems on n e w bus routes
Dear Editor, I was delighted to note the extension of bus routes throughout the city recently. Public transport has not been of the highest quality and any improvement is very welcome. It is also nice to note that the frequency of buses has been improved. However, with the introduc tion of any new service there are always teeUiing prob lems. I was delighted to note that the number 5 bus now goes around the roundabout on Bishop O'Donnell road. Strangely though the nearest bus stops are nearly quarter of a mile away on one side of the road and nearly half a mile away on die other. Perhaps there are plans to put one closer to die end of the route. 1 sincerely hope so. Yours faithfully, Niall O'Brolchain 2 Bar na Carraige, Fort Lorenzo, Taylors Hill, Gahvay.

Reader responds to charge that ProLife group 'Trivialises' abortion issue
Dear Editor, I am writing in regard to the letter entitled "Pro-Life Campaigners 'Trivialise' abortion issue". I strongly disagree with what this per son wrote. Abortion is killing a human life. You can try to justify it any way you like, but the bonom line is. it is still killing a human life. Pro-Life campaigners under stand that it's also a hard decision to make but they also know it is wrong. There are other ways, like adop tion, for example, or foster ing. I think the Pro-Life camexactly what goes on during an abortion. People have a right to know how cruel the process is. and it should be stopped everywhere. Most women who have abortions feel bad afterwards and pos sibly for years. This could be avoided if they gave the baby up for adoption. That way the woman doesn't have to be scarred by abor tion and a baby would be a given a chance of life. Remember: no one has the right to take a human life, no matter what the circum stances.
N a m e and a d d r e * with rdknr.

Dear Editor, About 6.45pm on Wednesday September 27 in appalling weather, my wife, my brother, and myself found ourselves in difficulty at Oranbeg on the Dublin road following major

Praise for a Good Samaritan
IOM k i n d h e l p a n d h o s p i t a l i t y

for Al

in the hands of Roundabout Motors, Oranmore, for recovery to the UK. We can hardly find words enough to express our gratitude for the caring, cheerful, and

most efficient way Tom Sheridan and Roundabout Motors organised the trans portation of our car and ourselves to Dublin for the night ferry and to be met at Holyhead for transposition home. Thanks to Tom and his staff at Roundabout Motors, the whole operation went off with out a hitch, greatly reducing the stress such a situation involved for us as senior citizens. Good luck and many thanks to Roundabout Motors. Frank McAreavey, 32 Pinewood, Blackburn, I a m s |
L tes t t e Editor: er oh

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