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C e l e b r a t e y o u r Wedding in Sophisticated Surroundings

Are y o u worried about your relationship with your partner, your parents, your children?

Share your worry - write in confidence to
A M Y , C / O U P F R O N T , 2/3 C H U R C H L A N E , GALWAY. Please Note: A m y regrets s h e is unable t o a n s w e r letters personally

Corrih (great Southern Hotel

Faith healer Mary gets prime RTE spot
THE FAMOUS Mountbellew born faith healer Mary Malone will be featured in an RTE television programme, Citizens of Ireland, on Thursday January 4 at 7pm. The film crew visited her birth place in Bovinion as well as Mountbellew town and filmed her as she visited the local Traveller halting site, met market traders, and talked to various people. She was also filmed at Tipp Mid-West radio, talking live calls from listeners. She will feature in another RTE production on January 18 at 10pm called Would you Believe . This too features segments shot at different locations in Ireland as well as footage from Manchester, where Mary and her husband, Malcolm, have a retreat house/base. Mary Malone will head to San Diego, Mexico and Canada on February 6 and will be on tour until September. The internationally known spiritual healer has clocked up a staggering two million miles of air travel or the equivalent of travelling 80 times around the world in the past 16 years in her efforts to heal the sick. A Padre Pio devotee, she says the Italian monk, whom it is believed bore the stigmata, visited her in a dream in Johannesburg in 1985. She was in South Africa to give talks on visionary energy. "He asked me to combine healing with my work. I wondered for weeks afterwards if it were a dream or had it a more significant meaning. Six weeks later, he appeared to me again. This time, I spoke first and asked him when I should begin this work. He smiled and said, 'now". She says she fell into a deep sleep afterwards and when she awoke, her hands were "burning hot". Later, while having coffee at a pavement cafe, she was approached by a woman who hold her she was very ill. Mary told her about her experiences with Padre Pio and offered to lay her hands on her and pray. A week later, the woman contacted her and said she was completely cured. This was the start of her healing mission, which has taken her all over the world, the equivalent of four and a half journeys to the moon, she says.


Have we left it too late to have children?


. I don't know how to deal with this and I hope you can point me in the right direction. I have been married for ten years and I love my wife. We made a decision when we got married that we would not have children for a few years because we were both trying to build up our careers and we wanted time for each other as well without the demands of children. Now I'm beginning to realise that my wife will probably never want to have children. We have a very good lifestyle which she often says is only because we don't have children. We haven't really talked about it directly, partly because I'm afraid of what she'll say. I don't know what will happen if she decides for definite that she doesn't want children. I always saw children as an essential part of our life together. I'm also beginning to suspect that she will just let things slip until it's too late. We seem to have very different ideas about this and I'm afraid our marriage may not survive i t . Perhaps you do. But I don't think it's your different ideas that will endanger your marriage - it's the refusal on both your parts to discuss what's going on. Dodging the issue and having suspicions about what's happening while at the same time letting nature take its course, will not resolve anything. Having children alters relationships irrevocably. Maybe your wife is afraid she will lose out career-wise on what she has built up. Maybe she's afraid of the repercussions if she is dependent on you financially. Maybe she's afraid of all the changes a baby brings in terms of the power balance in your relationship. What I'm saying is you have to get past the "she wants/she doesn't want" aspect of all this and Mart talking about the pros and cons. Then you'll both be able to make a decision based on shared concerns and mutual respect. Stop guessing and start talking.

Your Wedding Day is so special to us that our Wedding Gift to you is ... A red carpet for your arrival. Tea, Coffee and Sherry for your Guests on Arrival. 0 Complimentary Room Hire

Personalised Souvenir Table Menus. Floral Table Arrangements Coordinated to your Colour Scheme. m Table Plan if required. m Engraved Presentation Cake Knife as a Memento. Use of Cake Stand and Pillars. Complimentary Changing room for the Bridal Party on request.


Was breaking up the right thing?
. I am 26 and my boyfriend and I broke up nearly five months ago after being together for two and a half years. I broke up with him because I realised I didn't love him any more. That's what I thought then anyway. He was completely cut up about it and at the time I wasn't. Now find myself thinking about him all the time and I think maybe it was not the right decision as otherwise I wouldn't miss him the way I do. The problem is we have had no contact for five months and I don't know how he would react if I made contact with him now. He could even be with someone else for all I know. . It is of course possible that it was not the right decision at the time and that you do really love him after all. But it's also possible that after five months you are missing aspects of the relationship rather than your boyfriend. You may be missing the companionship, you may have thought the world is full of interesting men and now you find it's not. You are probably forgetting all the things that made you break up with him the first time and now only remember the nice bits. None of this indicates that you love him, simply that life didn't happen quite the way you thought it might have at the time. That is a salutary and sobering lesson but it is not a good enough reason to put him through another making up/breaking up scenario. My advice is leave well enough alone, stay away and concentrate on getting your life together.



morning served to your suite. m Special Overnight Rate for JO of your Guests. Get Married in Ultimate Style by calling the
Corrib Great Southern Hotel, Renmore, Galway. Tel: 091-755281. Fax: 091-751390. Email:
Book y o u r W e d d i n g before 28th F e b r u a r y a n d spend a weekend in a G r e a t S o u t h e r n Hotel with o u r compliments.

Galway firm improves water in offices and Bridal Suite and Champagne Breakfast next businesses
by Julie Tierney
technologies developed for use on the NASA space shuttles. It is also registered and approved by the US Federal Environmental Protection Agency. Joe Guthrie, general manager, Ionics Ireland says: "With a recent report suggesting that as much as 12 per cent of the population may receive drinking water of substandard quality, the introduction of Ionics Aqua Cool has come at an opportune time for those who want to improve the quality of the water available to employees and customers. In addition, it also reduces costs to the businesses as well as space taken up by cumbersome water bottles." Businesses ranges from h o t e l s , pubs and leisure c e n t r e s to offices and manufacturers have already installed the system on their premises. A GALWAY-BASED Firm is e n s u r i n g b u s i n e s s e s have high quality chilled drinking water with the aid of its new drinking water solution. Ionics Ireland which was established in Galway in 1998 has launched the new product - the Ionics Aqua Cool System - e n a b l i n g c o m p a n i e s to have fresh clean drinking water available to employees and customers directly from the tap. The Ionics Aqua Cool System is a water cooler with an in-built filtration system that filters and purifies the municipal water supply at the point of use eliminating the need for bottled water. It removes dirt and reduces potentially harmful chemicals, including c a r c i n o g e n i c trihalomethancs, as well as eliminating unsavoury tastes and odours. The Aqua Cool System incorporates filtration

Boyfriend had many girlfriends
. I wish I could forget the fact that my boyfriend has had many love affairs before he met me. He is my first because I grew up with the belief that sex outside marriage is wrong. He convinced me otherwise and I'm not sorry about that but I drive myself mad thinking about all the girls before me. Is it normal for men to have lots of partners and does it mean anything? I'm just hoping he has got it all out of his system by now. . I have no idea what's normal - perhaps it's what the majority does. Whatever it does mean. I know it does not mean that everybody else is wrong. So you are right in youi belief just as he is in whatever he believes. Does it mean anything? That depends on ....well; that depends on., everything, really....






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