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MANNION TIMMY (Fourth Anniversary 27th November 2(XK)) ^


MURRAY KATHRINE (Eighth Anniversary)

O'BRIEN PATRICK (Sixteenth Annivers;




Remembering you is easy, we do it every day, but missing you is heartache, that will never go away. We speak your name with love and pride, we smile through tears we try to hide, simple words but very true, nd we will always love andrememberyou. Mam, Dad and Eileen. Anniversary Mass On Tuesday 28th November 2000. St Joseph's Church at 6.15pm. Mannion Timmy loving memory of Timmy Mannion. No one knew that morning, the sorrow the day would bring, when a golden heart stopped beating, and we could not do a thing. To your grave we often wander, it's there we keep in touch. ith a cousin we loved so dearly, and miss so very much. Sadly missed, your uncle Billy. Mary. Johnny. Jennifer. Jessica Wayne and Ryan, xxx Timmy The day you left, it broke my heart, to see your teenage years ripped apart. although your years were few and small. I still reckon Tim you did it all. Sadly missed your cousin Billy, xxx Mannion Timmy Will those who think of him today, a little prayer lo Jesus say. Love Mary, Derek and Elaine. Mannion Timmy (Fourth Anniversary} late of Davis Road. Shantalla. Time passes, life goes on, but from our thoughts you are never gone. Always remembered, never forgotten. Granny Walsh and family Timmy No more tommorows for us to share but yesterdays' memories will always be there. Sadly missed Melanie and Evan. Timmy Fondly today your memory we treasure, loving you always forgetting you never. Sadly missed the Brady family McBRIDE ROBERT {Tenth Anniversary)

Cherished memories of my daughter who died November 28th 1992. There never comes a moment, Katherine.that I don't think of you or a day passes that your face is not in view, there is a grief that goes unspoken, and a pain which lives on and on, miss you forever, forget you never, for losing a dauther just isn't fair and is the one thing in life that is so hard to bear. So sadly missed, Mum. Anniversary Mass Sunday 26th November, Sacred Heart Church at 12 noon. Sister In loving memory of a dear sister. Time goes on without you and days turn into years, each moment holds a memory, and many a silent tear, sometimes it feels a life time, sometimes its just a day, but in our hearts and in our thoughts you are never far away. Remembered always by Jacqueline Sean, Claire, Christopher and Eoghan. Kathrine You always had a smile to share, a laugh, a joke and time to care, wonderful nature, warm and true, these are the memories we have of[ you. Sadly missed, John, Kathy, Adrianne and Paul xxxx. Murray Kathrine Remembering you is easy, I do it every day, but missing you is a heartache, that will never go away. Always remembered your brother' Tim and Cecily, Timmy and David.

In loving memory of Patrick O'Brien, late of 20 St Finbarrs Tee. Bohermore, who died on 28th November 1984. Sadly missed by his family. Anyone who thinks of him today, a little prayer to Jesus say, Anniversary Mass 28th November 2000 in St Patrick -Church at 7.30pm. >

FOLAN FOLEY ANNIE (Twenty Ninth Anniversary) In loving memory of our mother Annie, who departed this life 26th November 1971. RIP May the winds of love blow gently. and whisper for you to hear. we will always love and miss you, and wish thai you were here. Each of us in our own way. have special thoughts of you today. Lovingly remembered by Murte, Tommy. Kathleen, Agnes and families. HEHIR JOSH;

FAHY DAM IAN {Fifth Anniversary)

In loving memory of my father. Josie. whose anniversary occurs November 29th. Memories have such lovely ways, of bringing back our yesterdays, a silent thought, a silent prayer, for a special person in God's care. Anniversary Mass 29th November, St Patrick's Church al 10am. McDONAGH WINIFRED (Tenth Anniversary)

To us you were someone special, someone good and true, you will never be forgotten, for we thought the world of you. Love always. Sandra xxx. MURRAY MARTIN (Thirtieth Anniversary)

In loving memory of a dear husband and father Robert (Bobby), Late of I Fairhill Road, who died 20th November 1990, RIP. Softly one November evening, you heard a gentle call, you took the hand of Jesus, and quietly left us all. No longer in our lives to share. but in our hearts you are alway; there. Lovingly remembered by your wife and family.

In loving memory of our mother Winifred (Cis), late of Reddington Road, Shantalla. who died 26th November 1990, RIP. Anniversary Mass Saturday November 25th at 7.30pm Sacred Heart Church. Ml I.LINS (Nee FRANCIS) MARY (Fifth Anniversary) In loving memory of Mary Mullins. late of Bohermore. Alwaysrememberedby her family. Anniversary Mass Sunday 26th November 2000 at 12 nw St Mary's, The Claddagh.

In loving memory of my dear Uncle Martin. late of 20 Middle St. who died on November 25lh 1970 RIP Will those who think of Martin today. a little prayer to Jesus say Always remembered by his nephew Dominic. Ann and family.

Treasured memories of our beloved sor Liam Og, late of 5 Palmyra Park. ho died November 21st 1999, aged 18 years. God called your name so softly, that only you could hear, no-one heard the footsteps, of the angels drawing nearIt broke our hearts to lose you, but you did not go alone, for part of us went with you, OTOOLE SALLY and PETER JOHN the day God called you home. (Seventeenth Anniversary) For losing a son just isn't fair, and one thing in life that is hard to bear. We miss you. Mam and Dad. Anniversary Mass Saturday 25th November at The Jesuit*. Church, Sea Road at 7.30pm. Liam Og A special person so very rare, when we needed you, Sally, my life goes on without you, you were always there. but things are not the same, Sally Our hearts are full of memories, it's hard to hide the heartache, We think of you always we treasure them with care. when someone speaks your name. and mention your name the way you had to leave us, If memories keep us together, Sally, close to our hearts, will always seem unfair. then we are never far apart, you will always remain. Loved and missed. Mary, Alan am for you are always in my mind Sally. Your brother, sisters and their Jack. families. and forever in my heart. Liam Og OToole Sally Lots of love, your husband Jphn and Always a helping hand, a listening ear. (Seventeenth Anniversary) family. a smiling face, forever my brother, Mam, Anniversary Mass always my friend every step I take, On Friday 24th November at 7.30pm. Miss you, John. every move I make. St Mary's, The Claddagh. Liam Og every single day, OTonle Sally Lonely is the house without you, I am missing you. (Seventeenth Anniversary) life for me is not the same, In loving memory of my dear cousin. Loved and missed always, Ar all the world would be like Heaven, Marie and Gerry xxx. Sally, f we could have you back again. Mam late of 28 Fr Burke Road, Your life was one of kindly deeds, A beautiful nature, who died on November 24th 1983. always a helping hand for others' needs. a heart of gold. RIP. Sadly missed by Carmel. your love to us can never be told, Deep are the memories. Sally, Liam Og a special person, a special face, precious they stay, The happiest days we never knew. a special mother, no passing years were as a family, complete with you. we can never replace. could take them away. We speak your name Missing you, Jacqueline xxx. Always remembered by Ann. with love and pride, V Dominic and family. we smile through tears we cannot hide. Remembered always by Joseph. RIGNEY Liam Og KATHLEEN and NED Those we love don't go away, they walk beside os every day. Love. Nana. Tyrrell Liam Unseen, unheard, but always near. still loved, still missed still very dear. Sadly missed June. Derek, Lisa. Jacinta Tyrrell Liam My words are very simple, but could not be more true, Mam and Dad. remembering you is easy, for the rest of my whole life. we do it every day, I'll keep missing you. but missing you is a heartache, Love always Jessica that will never go away. Tyrrell Liam Always loved and remembered by your family. You were always someone special, Mass Offered always good and kind you will never be forgotten, by those you left behind REILLY JOHN McEVOY The re sc. Martin and family. (Sixteenth Anniversary) Mary Kate (mother) Nephew In loving memory of our dear friend, (Thirty Sixth Anniversary) John. Those we love live in Willie (brother) (First Anniversary) Sadly missed by Eamonn. Brendan, John, late of Si Patrick's Avenue. our hearts forever. Jock. Shay. Sean. Mary. In loving memory of my dear mother and Love always Angela Mkrko. Lavinia Mark. Caroline and Michael. brother. O'CONNOR CLARE Tyrrell Liam The special years will not return. (Third Anniversary) (First Anniversary) when we were all together, In loving memory of our mother. Clare. That smiling face. but the love and memories within our who died on 25ih November 1997. the cheerful happy ways, Always loved, never forgotten by her hearts, will stay with us forever. Loved andrememberedalways by Pat. the heart that won so many friends. sons and family. in bygone happy days. Lesley and family. Anniversary Mass Always remembered by the Jes Class Saturday 25th November, 10am. The In loving memory of our dear parents, Joseph and Annie May O'Halloran. (Fifth and Twelfth Anniversaries) A special day, another year, a loving thought and silent tear, a little prayer to keep in touch, with the parents we love and miss so much. Anniversary Mass Saturday 25th November at 7.30pm in St Patrick's Church. Jesuit Church.
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