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M a r y

O ' C o n n o r

N e w s






F a s h i o n
by Bernadette Fallol


W H I L E H E A L T H Y eating advice a n d tips for packed lunches a r e currently in vogue as children r e t u r n to school, those facing third level I V H I L should also t a PATINP of good eating FNR s , particularly if they a r e moving away AS RHILHRPN RETURN tn stocked fridge! College d o LEVEL college E H E A L T H Y k e note NRIVIRP NNRL TINSt r e n dNNRL-PRT HINRHPS ARP NIRRPNRLV IN VOOUP from home and a well SCHOOL, THOSE FARINP THIRD e s n ' t have to be a b o u t a festering lettuce and half a stale loaf for weekly food rations. And p a r e n t s facing a year of packing lunch boxes a n d providing after-school d i n n e r s should be a w a r e of their family's basic dietary requirements. With a little luck, you'll set the seeds for healthy living from a n early age a n d s t u d e n t s ' reliance on " w h a t e v e r happens to be in the fridge from last week" will become a thing of the past in the future! serving is two ounces of esearch has shown computer. But also, parents servings daily. An average fish, meat or cheese chicken or lean red meat or that one of the may find that children serving is one slice of sandwich filling in don't eat regular meals and three ounces of fish or six K.most most important bread or one ounce of wholemeal bread, with a this is often due to the fact tablespoons of beans/peas meals of the day is piece of fruit, a fruit juice breakfast cereal or two they are filling up on or two ounces of cheese. breakfast, according to drink or a salad, with a tablespoons of pasta/rice snacks in-between." Teenage girls in particular Marguerite O'Donnell, carton of yoghurt or milk. or one medium potato. Snacks are fine in can be very low in iron, dietician with Community Treat foods such as low fat Fruit and vegetables are moderation, she advises, according to O'Donnell, as Nutrition and Dietetic crisps, small chocolate bar, rich sources of vitamins, but should not form the many girls turn vegetarian Services at Merlin Park nuts and popcorn, are all minerals and fibre, and main part of the diet. at this age. "Vegetarian hospital. "It has been right occasionally once teenagers require four diets are fine if they are shown that children's they are eaten after more servings daily. One serving Students in third-level well planned, " says attention span and ability nourishing food. is half a glass of fruit juice education will sometimes O'Donnell, advising to concentrate is affected or two tablespoons of exist almost totally on Healthy sandwiches for vegetarians to read up on by their first meal of the cooked vegetables or one snacks, she says. She lunch can be made with dietary requirements. Extra day," she says. "And piece of fruit. advises that students wholemeal bread, brown quantities of peas, beans studies have also found should try to eat at least Milk, cheese and yoghurt finger rolls, wholemeal and lentils should be added that disruptive children are one proper meal every day, are rich in calcium, needed pitta bread, toasted baps or to the diet to make up for sometimes just hungry following the guidelines for strong bones and teeth, wholegrain crackers. Low the loss of red meat and children." listed below. and also provide protein fat butter or margarine fish. O'Donnell advises that A very simple approach to and some vitamin B should be spread thinly. parents should allocate healthy eating is to use the requirements. It has been For fillings try roast beef enough time to give their food pyramid. A healthy shown that teenage girls in or pate with chopped SCHOOL children breakfast in the diet should consist of particular do not eat tomatoes, tuna and celery LUNCHBOXES moming. She also suggests foods from each of the four enough calcium-rich with low fat salad cream, that schools should food groups - the meat foods. Teenagers should turkey slices with unch should perhaps consider allowing group, the milk group, the have five servings from coleslaw, ham or cheese provide one third of children to eat part of their fruit/vegetable group and this group, with one with cucumber, tinned fa child's food lunch at break-time. But the cereal group - every serving being a glass of salmon and cucumber, egg requirements for the day. allowing sufficient time for day. Food rich in fats and milk or one carton of and onion, corned beef and The most effective way to breakfast need not be a oils such as cakes, biscuits yoghurt or one ounce of sliced tomato. Teenagers plan a healthy lunch is to major task or time drain. and sweets should only be cheese. should regularly include include in your child's The easiest and most eaten occasionally. two servings from the milk Red meat, chicken, peas, lunch box one food from nutritious breakfast is, Healthy eating for group (milk, cheese or beans and eggs provide each of the food groups quite simply, cereal and teenagers yoghurt) for lunch. protein essential for fruit/vegetables, milk and milk, says O'Donnell. The cereal group is of growth. Red meat is an meat, with two from the Beware the snack food! particular benefit to active excellent source of iron cereal group. For example TIPS FOR VARIETY Parents should also guard teenagers as it is rich in and is important, as lack of combine against children snacking carbohydrates and energy. iron in the blood can cause 'Donnell advises excessively between Aim to give teenagers tiredness and that while fruit meals. "One of the between six lethargy. One should be included problems we are facing and 12 for a healthier now is children's weight lunch, sometimes problems." she explains. it is better to give "A lot'of it is due to lack of s m a l l exercise, with children children often driven to half school. then spending the in evening front of the TV

Healthy eating back-to-school days
Galway's Tupperware Centre has two Tupperware back to school sets to give away for the start of the school year. Each set includes a lunch box, spill proof drinking flask, a snack attack baseball cap, a "little luncher", a rucksack and much more. To enter, answer the following questions. 1. Tupperware is in Ireland for (a) 10 years (b) 20 years (c) over 30 years? 2. Tupperware has a lifetime guarantee. True or false? 3. Where in Galway is the Tupperware Centre? Entries should be sent to the Tupperware Centre, Unit 2 Liosbaun Estate, Tuam Road, Galway. apple instead of a full one, as if their lunch looks too big, it may put them off from the start. Fruits such as apples, oranges and bananas are the most convenient foods for travelling and she suggests that apples or mandarin oranges can be peeled and wrapped in clingfilm for lunchtime. Alternatively, parents could c h o p and mix several fruits in an empty yoghurt or butter carton. Sprinkled with lemon juice, it makes a tasty lunch ingredient, she says. And while it might be assumed that children will not eat raw vegetables, she suggests they can be made more appealing by cutting them in different shapes. It is important to give your children plenty of fruit and vegetables as studies have shown that intake of these important foods is very low in Irish children. For a satisfying and healthy lunch opt for the following combinations in that all-important lunch box:


Edam cheese with cucumber, brown roll,! yoghurt drink, an apple or grapes. Brown rice with cold chicken, peppers and sweetcom, with a drink of milk and a banana or grapes. Wholemeal cheese or ham pizza with mushroom, onion and tomato, a pear and a drink of milk. Cold meat with sliced tomato, brown bread, a drink of milk and an apple.



a r g u e r i t e O'Donnell will .be happy to forward leaflets on healthy, eating to all interested parties and specific literature is available for each age-group. She can be contacted at the Community Nutrition and Dietetic Services, Merlin P a r k Hospital, Galway.

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