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Mathematics & Applied Mathematics
Get a high return f r o m a low investment. D o what you know you should do. M y courses w i l l make you more competent and push your results to a much higher level. M a n y o f you w i l l achieve A & A l G R A D E S . M y purpose in life is to help you get your share of life's good things. D o not let me d o w n - develop more competence, earn more money during your life and get your share o f life's good things. N o person has ever been born great at Mathematics. Everything about Mathematics is learned. A t my courses you learn how questions are marked ( correct solution / blunder(s) / slip(s) / attempt(s) / misreading(s) / note(s) where special cases arise / and zero for w o r k not meriting any marks). Official

D E P A R T M E N T O F E D U C A T I O N marking schemes w i l l be analysed at

Leaving Certificate Levels in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. Over the years I have had the opportunity to help thousands of successful people in this country and beyond. F r o m a f i v e year o l d to a sixty f i v e year old, f r o m a local sports person to a person who represented Ireland in the Olympics.

You can get the money you spend on my courses back thousands of times over during your working life.

Individual tuition (7 days a week). Your house or ours. Confidential. N o advertising on m y car. A l s o , courses by post. Group tuition (max 6 per class) evenings and weekends, most of the group courses w i l l be in the R.T.C. GALWAY, R O O M 156. Primary school students welcome. Second level school students welcome. Third Level students

May I conclude by wishing that you the examination candidate get the results you deserve.


K e v i n T. Munnelly B.Sc.


F o r further information contact: K e v i n and S u s a n M u n n e l l y , C r e g l u c a s , Ballinderreen, K i l c o l g a n , C o . G a l w a y . Phone 091-796539; Fax: 091-796846; mobile: 087-2344279

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