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vner and Managing Director of Claddagh Hers Ltd. is Mr. David Courtney who is a iber of a well known Galway City family have many business interests in Galway. -. Courtney, who has been associated with the llcry trade for m a n y years, has a very wide extensive background in the production of ity jewellery in a demanding profession. O' Tiany fine works executed by Mr. Courtney ngraving of the alphabet on the head of a pin icen the most notable. nong the world famous houses where Mr. tney executed many fine works has been the wned Tiffany's jewellery store o f New York e he worked for five years and Cartiers, also :w York, for three years. e demand for his expertise has been great, from the highest office in the land, the dency. Many famous personalities have had avings executed by Mr. Courtney namely i dents Hoover, Truman, Eisenhower and ledy, Mr. Winston Churchill and the King of i have been but a few of whom he had the ;ure of satisfying. en though Mr. Courtney has worked for many s abroad he always longed to c o m e back to nd and when the opportunity arose eight s ago he availed of it to establish his own ".factoring industry. He now has an extensive Uery factory in the Industrial Estate at nevin, Co. Dublin. r. Courtney's wife, Ann, is formerly Miss Ann erty, whose family have resided, like her and's, for many years in Galway City.

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Claddagh Jewellers Ltd. is situated at the lower end of Dominick Street beside the Atlanta Hotel. The n a m e of the business has been chosen for two reasons. One is its close proximity to the Claddagh and two, the family connection of its owners with the Claddagh area. The shop itself is based on a new concept of Continental and American style shops. The decor of turquoise, blue and wood panelling blends extremely well with the open plan walk around environment. Here one is quite free to m o v e about at one's leisure to view the extensive range of jewellery, plaques, charms, watches, etc. The public are invited to c o m e and see for themselves and to avail of the reduced prices which will be offered at their opening sale on all goods.

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