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18 N E W S

March 29 2007

PAWS 4 The drive of his life landed car THOUGHT
In association with Galway SPCA
If you are looking for a dog or cat, please check out these gorgeous animals looking for homes. While we can only show you a sample here, please check our website and have a look at all our animals. Please note home checks are carried out for all our animals, and a donation is required. Our office number is (091) 563631, and our sanctuary number is (090) 9676397.

cleaner with conviction and fine
The lure of a sports car, with its keys stuck in the ignition, proved too much for a valet attendant and he decided to bring it for a spin, pretending to a friend he picked up on the way that he owned the car. The drive of his life didn't last long, however, and Gregorz Sobkon (26), 9 Mary Street, Galway, found himself before Galway District Court this week where he pleaded guilty to driving the car without the consent of its owner at Seamus Quirke Road, Salthill, Galway, on January 27 last. His friend, Gregorz Zaknewski (38), same address, pleaded guilty to allowing himself to be carried in the stolen car on the same occasion. Inspector Gerry Roche told the court that Gardai stopped the Honda Legend car, at 12.45am on January 27 last knowing it had been reported stolen a short time earlier. Defence solicitor Adrian MacLynn said Sobkon worked as a car valet attendant in a local garage and had a penchant for sports cars. He said the car happened to be parked outside Eddie Rocket's in Eglinton Street and as his client was walking by he stopped to admire it. He then noticed the keys were in the ignition and without thinking of the consequences he got in and just drove off, Mr MacLynn said. The solicitor said Sobkon pretended to his friend, whom he brought for a spin, that he had bought the car. The car was returned to its owner undamaged, Mr MacLynn added. Mr MacLynn described the Honda car as "fairly attractive", adding that his client would have seen a lot of these types of cars at his workplace and they had impressed him. Handing a reference from Sobkon's employer into court, Mr MacLynn said his client was a "sound" young man who had got carried away - literally. Judge Mary Fahy said that an offence such as stealing a car usually merited a prison sentence but that in this case the accused had acted more out of stupidity than out of maliciousness and it was unlikely he would ever do something like this again. She convicted and fined Sobkon 750 and said she would not disqualify him from driving as that would jeopardise his job. Turning her attention to Zaknewski, Judge Fahy said he was not as culpable but he must have known his friend did not own the car, before imposing a 400 fine on him.

As the pups have taken over Paws this week we only have Kitten keeping up the cats' side. Our Kitten is full of life but a baby at heart. When you walk in Kitten may be asleep or chasing Bonnie, but the minute she sees you she is over to you, paws out, wanting to be picked up and hugged. When she is in your arms and getting cuddled she throws the others a look that say "yipee, it worked again". She will brighten up the dullest of days and change forever the life of whoever is lucky to get her, so give her a call at (091) 563631. We said it last week and again we have to say it this week , please, please keep your dogs in at night to protect the ewes and lambs. See you all on Easter Saturday at our sale of work, and drop in all unwanted pressies, CDs, DVDs, etc, before then.

This week we feature three little pups -- Sally, Millie, and Suzie, all sisters born on Christmas Day. Sally Little Sally is sweet natured, kind, and very loving. She loves playing and is good on the lead. She would make a lovely companion with older kids who can walk and play with her. Phone (090) 9676397 Millie Like her sister Millie is equally good natured, and would settle in to any household. She is the image of her mother Penny and has a lot of her ways as well. She is a typical puppy at the moment, one minute flying around the place and then when you look at her she is sound asleep. (090) 9676397. Suzie Last but not least we have Suzie, sweet gentle Suzie, every bit as happy as her sisters and like them in nature. She would suit older children who can play and walk her. (090) 9676397. If you are single or retired any of these pups would suit you as well. If you have time on your hands and need company give them a call, you won't regret it.

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