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Thursday, 24th November 2005
Sister We sent a dove to Heaven, with a parcel on its wings, be careful when you open it, it's full of beautiful things. Inside are a million kisses, wrapped in a million hugs, you've been an angel right from the start, we love you, Evelyn, with all our hearts. Miss you to bits, Marie, Jason and Conor. Evelyn Fondly today your memory we treasure, loving you always, forgetting you never. Lots of love, your Aunt Mary and cousins Melissa, Christina, John, Richard, Patrick. Sister God saw you getting weary, when a cure was not to be, He put his arms around you, and whispered come to me. So keep Your arms around her, Lord, and give her special care, make up for all she suffered, and all that seemed unfair. Sadly missed and loved always, Sarah xxx. Cousin Words are few, feelings are deep, memories of you, we will always keep. Sadly missed, Sarah-Ann, Pat and Daniel. Niece Time goes by, and life goes on, but from our thoughts, you are never gone. Always loved by Aunty Mary, Micky, Michael and Olivia. Niece Your memory we treasure, with thoughts that are dear, we think of you always, not just once a year. Always remembered by Nancy, Mattie and family. Cousin Happy thoughts of times together, leave memories that last forever. Never forgotten, Antoinette, Peter Vaughan and Cassidy, Australia. Evelyn Precious memories never grow old, like winter leaves they turn to gold, happy memories we keep forever, of school days when we were all together. They bring a smile and often a tear, but always a wish, that you were still here. Love always, Helena. McDonagh Evelyn Always in our thoughts, Fiona, Stephon and family, France. McDonagh Evelyn Gone but not forgotten. Padriagh Cloherty. Evelyn On your first anniversary, a prayer, a Mass, is all we can give, these you will have as long as we live. Always remembered by Deirdre, Mary, Jessica, Sheila and Shauna. McDONAGH EVELYN (First Anniversary)

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MURPHY PATRICIA (Fourth Anniversary)

MAUGHAN JAMES (Twenty Fifth Anniversary Wednesday 30th November)

Granddad You held my hand, when I was small, you dried my tears, when tears did fall, you were always there with a helping hand, to listen, advise and understand. I loved you then, I love you still, throughout my life, I always will. Sadly missed, your grandson John, wife Breda and family. Father Deep in my heart is a picture, more precious than silver or gold, it's the face of my loving father, whose memory will never grow old. Love you, daughter Ann and husband Tom. Granddad Little angels robed in white, kiss my granddad every night, find Your softest pillow, Lord, to rest his head upon, place a kiss upon his cheeks, and tell him who it's from. Earth's loss, Heaven's gain, I never knew you Granddad, I wish I had. Love you more every day, your grandson Christopher and wife Geraldine. Father They say it's a beautiful journey, from the old to the new, someday I will make the journey, just to be with you. And when we reach that garden, in which there is no pain, I will put my arms around you, and we will never part again. Sadly missed, your loving daughter Margaret and husband Paddy. Dad You held my hand when I was small, you dried my tears when I did fall. You were always there, with a helping hand, to listen, advise and understand, I loved you then, I love you still, throughout my life I always will. Sleep in peace, dear father. Always remembered, daughter Helen and son-in-law John.

McDONAGH EVELYN (First Anniversary)


The years we spent together, I keep within my heart, for they hold precious memories, which will never let us part. But I never knew such loneliness, could bring such bitter pain, that memories would return to me, and wound my heart again. Sadly missed, your wife Jacinta. Anniversary Mass 4th December, 9.30am, Salthill Church. Dad You were one of the best, this world could hold, two helping hands and a heart of gold. A loving nature, kind and true, these are the memories, I have of you. Very sadly missed by your daughter Michelle.

KEAVENEY MARY 3 Woodlands Green, Renmore. (Eighth Anniversary) Time may pass and fade away, but thoughts and memories stay. Remembered by Tom and family. Mass 7.30pm, Renmore, 25th November 2005. KING BILLY

With lovely memories of the happy times we shared with Billy, RIP, who died November 23rd 1991. Very much missed, Bridge, Rita, Valerie, Loyola, David, Liam, Gary. Masses Offered MANNION TIMMY (Ninth Anniversary)

Mass 10am, Sacred Heart Church. James What I would give, if I could say, hello Jimmy, in the same old way, to hear your voice, to see you smile, to sit and chat with you a while. I've missed you all those years gone by, it's then I sit down and think and cry. Until we meet again, your loving wife Margaret. Dad I cannot send a letter, your hand I cannot touch, so please take this message, to my dad I loved so much. If Heaven had a number, I would call you on the phone, to tell you that I love you, and beg you to come home. Sadly missed, your daughter Rose, son-in-law David and grandchildren. Dad Our lives went on without you, but things are not the same, it's hard to hide the heartache, when someone speaks your name. Sadly missed, your son Paddy, wife Ann and family. Dad You were always there when we needed you, no task too great or small, with a loving heart, and willing hands, for us you did it all. Sadly missed, your son Jimmy, wife Bridget and family. Father You're as near as a heartbeat, as close as a prayer, whenever we need you, we know you are there. Sadly missed, your daughter Mary, granddaughter Melissa, great grandkids Jason and Scott. Brother To know you was to love you, to love you was a pleasure, the happy hours we spent with you, are ours alone to treasure. Your sisters Maggie, Mary and families.

MCKIERNAN JOHN and KEVIN Late of Ballybane More, Racecourse View.

In memory of my darling daughter, Evelyn, late of 11 Ballinfoyle Park, Galway. A bud the gardener gave me, a pure and lovely child, He gave it to my keeping, to cherish and undefiled, and just as it was opening, to the glory of the day, down came the Heavenly gardener, and took that bud away. There is a mother who loves you, in the house where you used to be, a mother who wanted to keep you, but God willed it not to be. All my life I will miss you, no matter where I go, forever you will be in my heart, because I love you so. So find the softest pillow, Lord, to rest her head upon, place a kiss upon her cheek, and tell her who it's from. Deeply and sadly missed from your loving mom xxx. Mammy For as long as we live, we will always be glad, for the wonderful mother, we were lucky to have. A beautiful heart, a heart of gold, your loss to us can never be told. Missed every day by your son Brandon and your daughter Abigail. Sister God must have known you were special, to take you as He did, they say He only takes the best, and that He surely did. Fold your arms around her, Lord, and kiss her smiling face, for she was someone special, and never will be replaced. Forever loved and missed, your brother Mark. McDonagh Evelyn In loving memory, late of 11 Ballinfoyle, who died 24th November 2004. Niece We would like to say so many things, we don't know where to start, we only know we miss you, Evelyn, from the bottom of our hearts. And when we are sad and lonely, and everything goes wrong, we seem to hear your whisper, cheer up and carry on. Loved and remembered always, Uncle Frank and Eleanor xx.

Wife Four years have passed since that sad day, you closed your eyes, and slipped away. You left us quietly, without a fuss, and broke the hearts of all of us. Love always, your husband Tommy. Mum A beautiful nature, a heart of gold, your loss to us can never be told. A special person, a special face, a special mum we can never replace. Love always, your sons Michael and Conor xxx. Mum Why did you go so fast, without a word to say, you know we were not ready for you to go this way. We long to hear your laughter, and see your smiling face, God knows how much we miss you. Love always, your daughters Michelle and Chloe and granddaughter Alana xxxxx.

SHANNON RITA (Sixth Anniversary - 29th November) Two beautiful eyes are sleeping, two willing hands are still, our mom who worked so hard for us, is resting at God's will. It does not seem so long since you were by our side, we miss your smile and loving ways, as the days go by. Loved always, your son Stephen, Laura, Alex, Robert and Rianna. Mass 10am, 29th November, Claddagh Church.

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It's hard to write on paper, the feelings we have for you, though nine years have passed since you left us, you still remain so true to our hearts, we will always love you. Sadly missed by your Mum, Dad and sister Eileen. Anniversary Mass Sacred Heart Church, Sunday 27th November at 11am. Timmy It is not what we write, or even what we say, it's how we feel inside, as we think of you today. No matter how life changes, no matter what we do, a special place within our hearts, will always be there for you. Sadly missed Uncle Billy, Mary and family. xxx

McDONAGH EVELYN (First Anniversary) Kevin Died 29th December 1991 (Fourteenth Anniversary) A beautiful nature, a heart of gold, your loss to us can never be told. A special person, a special face, a special son we can never replace. Time passes, life goes on, but from our thoughts you are never gone. Christmas comes with sad regret, it brings a day we will never forget, you closed your eyes without goodbye, sweet memories of you, will never die. From Mam, brother and sisters, brother-in-law, nieces and nephews. John Died 24th November 2001 (Fourth Anniversary) You were always there when we needed you, no task too great or small, with a loving heart and willing hands, for us you did it all. Out of our lives, you may be gone, but in our hearts, you still live on. From your loving wife Bernadette, son Stephen, daughters Ann, Helen and Marie, daughter-in-law Marcella, son-in-law John, grandchildren, Luke, Holly, Josh, Evan, Ellie and Matthew. Anniversary Mass Sunday 27th November 2005, St Bridget's Church, Ballybane at 10.30am.

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McBRIDE ROBERT (Fifteenth Anniversary) In loving memory of a dear husband and father, Bobby. Late of 1 Fairhill Road, who died on November 20th, 1990. RIP. Forever in our thoughts, always in our hearts. Lovingly remembered by your wife and family.

McDONAGH WINIFRED (CISS) and JOHN Died 26th Nov 1990 and 19th Jan 1987. Out of our lives you may be gone, but in our hearts you live on. Lovingly remembered by all your family. Anniversary Mass At The Sacred Heart Church, Westside, Sunday 27th at 12.15pm.

MULLINS JOHN, MARY and MARY ROSE In loving memory of our parents, John and Mary and our dear sister Mary Rose. Anniversary Mass St Mary's Church, The Claddagh, Sunday 27th November at 12 noon.

Sister One year has passed, since that sad day, you closed your eyes, and passed away. You left so quietly, without a fuss, and broke the hearts, of all of us. November comes with sad regret, it brings a day we'll never forget, you closed your eyes without goodbye, but memories of you will never die. Love and miss you, Jeannette, Don and kids.

Heaven's door was open, God saw you needed rest, He knew you were so special, for He only takes the best. Loved and remembered always, Tina, Philip and family. MURPHY MICHAEL 8 Renmore Road. (Fifth Anniversary)

is happy to announce that we are able to publish your anniversary, acknowledgement or birthday remembrance photograph in

Lovingly remembered by Clare, Eleanor, Tommy, grandchildren Ronan and Niamh. Anniversary Mass Saturday November 26th at 10am in the Church of St Oliver Plunkett, Renmore.

If you would like a photograph published in colour, please bring in the photograph with your memoriam verse. we will be happy to post the photograph back to you afterwards.

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