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June 30 2005

in summer


wood and so will need to be treated annually. It will also need to be covered during the winter. Hardwood, (such as teak) is resistant to decay and very therefore suitable for garden furniture, but it too will need to be treated with a hardwood oil on a yearly basis, and needs to be stored in a cool dry place during the winter. If all of this sounds like too much trouble and money there is always the plastic option which is cheap and cheerful and you won't mind too much when it finally gives way. For only 180 you can get your five piece dining experience. Plastic patio furniture is commonly made of a plastic product called resin. Resin is basically a plastic and mineral compound that can be easily heated and molded into any shape. If you have issues with deforestation and the overabundance of wood furniture - resin is a popular alternative. Resin patio furniture is also so popular because it's relatively inexpensive,

Simple but classy, a hardwood dining set.

extremely durable, weather resistant, fairly stable and comfortable, easy to wipe clean and maintain, and very light weight and stackable. It might not turn heads or impress the neighbours, but is practical and easy to manage, especially if you have young ones running around. But what about if you just want to chill out this summer, forget about eating and drinking, you just want to get horizontal, and relax. Again the choice is excellent. Loungers come in all styles and sizes. For supreme comfort on those lazy summer days why not go for the ultimate relaxation and set up a hammock; they are fast becoming a best seller. A hammock will add another dimension to your garden. Not only can you snooze away the day in it but it doubles as a lovely tropical feature. Pine loungers will cost in the region of 250, while you could get a plastic one for about 80 although this may not come with the full length cushion which can add an additional 50 or 60 onto the price. Alternatively go for the relaxing and multi-position spring and metal `combi'. Perfect for folding away you can lie back and catch some rays or sit up and read on these inexpensive seats. Whatever you are looking for this summer you will find it. Just remember to make a list of what you want before you go, don't be afraid to test it out and ask, ask, ask, about guarantees, grades, quality, and style. If you do you'll be sure to get value for money and Everlasting fasion: Wooden high back chairs not only look good, but last. exactly what suits you, and your garden's needs!

Summer Gardening

Paving Garden Lighting Garden Fencing Decking Garden Furniture BBQ Equipment Garden Care Fertiliser Weed Control and much more...

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