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5th April,



Fine Gael is the second largest party i n this state a n d a s such offers the best chance o f forming a n alternative government if and when people wish t o give Fianna Fail a rest. F o r that reason, if for n o other, its aims and activities are o f interest to all of us. The performance of the opposition is almost a s important as that o f the Government in a democracy. Fine Gael i s obviously in a process of change. It is half way through its period of opposition following the fall o f the last National Coalition, and faces the first major test of public opinion since then in the June elections. The party has a new dynamic leader i n D r . Garret FitzGerald a n d the results of his hard work over the past two years were clearly to be seen at last week's Ardfheis. That the party has made progress is obvious. That it needs to make greater progress is clearly recognised even b y the most loyal supporters o f the party itself. What h a s Fine Gael achieved since i t s fall from grace, apart from organisational improvements? It i s not sufficient t o criticise the Fianna Fail Government's record, especially i f you will not say what you would do or would have done. There have been a series o f interesting policy documents o n matters as un-related a s Northern Ireland, urban affairs and local broadcasting. A l l these were received with enthusiasm by the Ardfheis and the general impression was given that the foundations are being laid for a broad and comprehensive set of proposals which will be put before the people at the next general election. Will they b e sufficient to w i n power? This depends to a considerable extent o n the performance o f Fianna Fail, for elections are won as much by the failure o f governments as they a r e by the brilliance o f opposition policies. Which brings- us back to that nasty issue of coalition. Labour have already said that they a r e going t o contest the next general election a s a separate political party. Fine Gael will do likewise but both groups it seems will be prepared to see what happens next after t h e votes are counted. T h e prospect o f another Labour/Fine Gael pact t o achieve power is less attractive to both parties at the m o m e n t than it was. B u t attitudes could change radically depending On the closeness o f election results. The possibility o f a gradual coming together o f Fianna Fail and Fine Gael should not be totally discounted either--especially i n the European context. F o r when all t h e personal vendettas, a n d family traditions are put aside, they m a y have more in c o m m o n than most supporters o f this o r that side are prepared t o admit. O n e thing i s certain. Fine Gael i s a continuing force i n Irish political life. This fact was confirmed again at the Ardfheis.
T H U R S D A Y , 6.50 7.00 T H U R S D A Y , A p r i l 5 6.00 6.01 6.20 T h e Angelus 7.20 8.00 8.30 9.00 9.30 D o 10.00 10.30 11.20 Switch Cartoon T o p of A p r i l O n T i m e the Pops 5

4 . 0 0 The Pallisers
5.00 5.30 6.00 6.01 6.15 6.30 7.00 7.30 8.00 9.00 Stingray Youngline The Angelus

Newsround Worsel G u m m i d g e Stand?

Fawtty W o r l d O n e

Towers W e e k Time

6.50 W h e r e D o W e 7.15 7.20 Nuacht Some 'Ave Mother ' E m

M o r e

G o i n g

Straight Healthy H o u r

Youngline News Beachcombers Prime How's T h e News T i m e Your Father

Positively Musical

8 . 0 0 Against The Wind
9.00 News


9 . 1 5 Bronk
10.40 11.40 S p o r t scene Late News

F R I D A Y . 6.55 7.05 7.40 8.05 9.00

A p r i l O n



Switch Blankety Jacob's Golden W i d e

Blank Awards Soak of Sport 1979

9 . 2 0 Deeply Regretted By
10.20 10.30 11.00 11.30 Nuacht Folio Film Late News 4.00 5.00 5.30 6.00 F R I D A Y , 4.00 T h e A p r i l W i d e 6 W o r l d of 6.01 6.15 6.30 7.00 W a g o n 7.30 9.00 9.20 9.50 10.20 Bird 10.30 11.30 Sesame H o w O u r The O u r Times Angelus Street M O N D A Y , A p r i l 9

W o r l d

9 . 2 5 There's No Place
9.55 10.55 Festival Newsnight

S A T U R D A Y , 4.15 Cartoon

A p r i l T i m e



4 . 2 5 Tennessee's
5.50 T h e W o r l d 6.45 7.40 8.10 9.00 9.50 10.40 Generation Aisling

About G a m e Us

News S B B Die* W o r l d News Frontline Rhoda Nuacht Dallas Late N e w s S U N D A Y , 6.05 6.30 Just Sha A p r i l William N a 7 N a 8 ina Shui

Animals 4.30 5.00 5.30 6.00 6.01 6.15 6.30 7.00 7.25 8.30 9.00 9.20 F Troop


Gheal Change Golf



Freewheelers T h e Angelus T i m e

International Wilde

Alliance Whistle

Cartoon News Bailey's Suil T h e

T h e O l d Grey Test

1 1 . 2 0 The Happening

Thart/Nuacht Superstars from Ayrshire

Music News

Frontline T U E S D A Y , 4.00 4.50 Going A n T h e Let's T h e A p r i l Strong Beag Co. 10

9 . 5 0 From Here To Eternity
11.35 Late News

6.55 7.45 8.10 9.00

Blake's Printout A Third


Testament Diary

It now appears that a n extreme Marxist group i s fighting for the "Unity o f Ireland." God help this poor island. It i s hard t o imagine a more cowardly o r obscene group of people than the Provos; but apparently their equal has arrived. The I.N.L.A.--a breakaway from the 'Official' m o v e m e n t a n d allegedly t h e perpetrators of other murders--now insist they were responsible for the brutal killing o f Mr. Airey Neave last Friday. T h e sinister type b o m b used i n t h e explosion at the House of C o m m o n s car park is identical with those used b y international terrorists such a s the Red Brigade a n d t h e P.L.O. IT anyone still h a s doubts about the threat t o the rule o f law a n d the institutions o f this State by the Provos and their like they should see that such a situation is now self evident. Ambassadors a n d elected politicians represent every civilised nation's efforts to lay aside the weapons o f war and t o foster harmony and progress by diplomacy a n d debate. T h e killing o f these representatives i s a crude rejection of the democratic system, a n insult t o all supporters o f democracy and a profound threat t o all the people o f Ireland whose legitimate aspirations are being abused and exploited b y evil m e n . It is perhaps understandable that a m a n o f the calibre o f Airey Neave was the victim of such a terrible crime. Violent m e n detest people o f exceptional courage, forthrightness and ability. Whatever about the untimely remarks m a d e by some Irish politicians reacting to Mr. Neave's hard line attitudes, it i s inconceivable that had he been appointed Secretary of State he would repeat the mistakes of Roy Mason. And a strong hand must be taken against terrorism. We suggest that speaking out against them should not be left to politicians or Church leaders alone. T h i s i s a time when all people of these islands, w h o believe in democracy a n d dignity, should close ranks, shun the propaganda campaigns and condemn unequivocally the murderers in our midst.
S A T U R D A Y , 11.30 12.30 Sesame N o d d y A p r i l Street 6

5.00 5.30 6.00 6.01 6.15

Electric G o Angelus


9 . 1 5 King Lear
M O N D A Y , 6.50 7.00 7.30 8.00 Story 8.30 Tomorrow's Jazz T h e Concert Mail Canadian W o r l d 9.00 A p r i l O n Course Street 9

A Talk forthe Passover News Switch Cookery

6.30 Alert
7.00 7.30 8.00 8.30 9.00 9.20 Saint 10.20 10.30 11.00 11.25 Late Show Stadium D o o

Prime A T i m e Wartime

1 2 . 5 0 Emergency
1.40 5.05 5.45 6.00 6.01 6.15 7.15 Sports Scooby News T h e

Coronation Call M y


Landmark Earl Gill Band Show 9.25

Angelus Time of T h e

News Thomas Nuacht Feach M . A . S . H . Late News and Sarah

Cartoon Return Nuacht

9 . 3 5 A Nous&ta Liberte
11.00 Newsnight

7 . 2 0 Centennial
9.00 9.15 11.15 11.20 News T h e Late Match Late

T U E S D A Y , 7.00 7.05 7.30 Switch

A p r i l O n


Celebrity Life Dick T h e O n

Squares Earth Show of San

News of the D a y W E D N E S D A Y , 2.55 A p r i l 11

8.30 9.00

Emery Streets

Laff-A-Lympics 9.50

Francisco Get Hooked

3 . 1 5 How To Fry A Figg
S U N D A Y , 10.30 11.00 11.45 12.15 12.45 1.30 2.00 Keep A p r i l U p 8 Yoga 5.00 Fables of Forest W i t h 5.30 6.00 6.01 Nancy 6.15 6.30 7.00 7.30 Bear Bunch 8.30 9.00 9.20 10.35 11.30 Vision T h e O n the Green

1 0 . 2 5 / , Claudius
11.15 Newsnight



Angelus Patrol

W E D N E S D A Y , 6.50 7.00 7.30 8.00 H u l k Switch This Is O n

A p r i l


Ensemble Paint Going T h e Folio Hair with

Garda News Boy T h e T h e




Dominic Garden Incredible

Coronation Donncha's Roadshow

Street Travelling


2.30 T h e 2.55

Hall's Pictorial W e e k l y News T r o m Silent Late agus E a d r o m



9 . 0 0 Last Of The Summer Wine
9.30 T h e U n k n o w n W a r

3 . 2 5 The Vanquished
4.55 5.45 T h e Waltons News

Witness News

1 0 . 2 0 High




O'Connor television yu first coe fr rannW or hi o c
SHOP ST. TEL.61173/4/5

required for our Building Sales Office. T o arrange for. interview call to or phone our Castle Street office. Corbett & Sons Ltd. Galway

LEAD KINDLY LIGHT Lead, kindly Light, amid the encircling gloom. Lead thou me on; The night is dark, and I am far from home. Lead thou me on. Keep thou my feet; I do not ask to see The distant scene; one step enough for me. I was not ever thus, nor prayed that thou Shouldst lead me on: I loved to choose and see my path; but now Lead thou me on. I loved the garish day, and spite of fears. Pride ruled my will: remember not past years. So long thy power hath blest me, sure it still Will lead me on O'er moor and fen, o'er crag and torrent, till The night is gone. And with the morn those Angel faces smile. Which I have loved long since, and lost awhile.
John Henry Newman

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