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D r e s s for s u c c e
re y o u h o p i n g t o g e t a job? O r a r e y o u a l r e a d y e m p l o y e d b u t s e e k i n g a n e w c h a l l e n g e ? T h e n it's i m p o r t a n t t h a t y o u l o o k w e l l if y o u g e t c a l l e d t o a n i n t e r v i e w , e v e n if i t is j u s t a casual chat t o c h e c k y o u r suitability for a w e e k e n d o r s u m m e r job.
D e c i d i n g w h a t to w e a r to that all important first meeting can b e daunting. You want to make a good impression and convince prospective employers that you have the talent, skills, and personality for the position. During the first few minutes of meeting someone, your appearance will give many clues to your personality so think careful ly what type of impression you want to create. Some styles of dress convey a d o w d y image, others a vibrant, outgoing impres sion, i d e a l if y o u a r e s e e k i n g a j o b in communications. A recent American study revealed that in most cases, well dressed and attractive candidates were far more successful when job-seeking than their badly dressed counterparts. W h i l e all the applicants held similar q u a l i f i c a t i o n s and h a d m u c h t h e s a m e work experience, the more glamorous/handsome ones with the best dress sense, won the day. Even if you are not normally interested in fashion or dressing up, it is advisable to make a special effort if you are attending an interview. N o matter what type of j o b is on offer, from selling scratch cards to managing a supermarket, it is important to present the right image and look great. INDIVIDUALITY The image you will want to project will depend greatly on the type of j o b you are s e e k i n g . S o m e j o b s allow y o u to dress more flamboyantly than others and indeed seek to project that type of i m a g e . H o w e v e r , o t h e r s positively d i s c o u r a g e any expression of individuality. One of the quickest ways to change your look is t o change the way you dress. It is possible for most people to b e well dressed, whatever their budget. Whether you shop in a chain store or designer bou tique, the same rules apply. Always buy simple, understated clothes which are well cut and of good quality. The anorak may have made Taoiseach Bertie Ahern famous but it will d o little for your image if you appear in it for a job interview. Suits that crease and frumpy separates that look a s if they w e r e slept in. are all to be avoided like the plague. Don't make the mistake of carrying a bulging handbag which threatens t o dis gorge its contents - make-up smeared tis sues, loose change, and half broken lip sticks - or a battered briefcase. These will only present a tatty image and say to the world, and most importantly the interview panel, that you are slovenly. Don't g o overboard either and spray yourself from head-to-toe in an overpow ering perfume or wear fire-engine red lip s t i c k , t w o m i s t a k e s w h i c h will d e t r a c t from t h e c a p a b l e , efficient i m a g e y o u want to portray. If y o u want to look businesslike, opt for a tailored suit and formal shirt which w i l l s u g g e s t y o u a r e s o m e o n e w h o is decisive, sophisticated, and in command. W e a r i n g softer, u n s t r u c t u r e d c l o t h e s such as flowing skirts, blouses with large collars, frills and bows, smack of a gentle, caring person. Qualities which m a y not inspire c o n f i d e n c e w h e n a c o m p a n y is looking for a sharp, tough new executive. A G O O D IMPRESSION There are three typical m e s s a g e s you can give at a j o b interview, according t o J a n e t I m p e y , a u t h o r o f 'Style Made Simple. 1. C o n v e n t i o n a l . If this is the impres sion you want to give, look neat and well groomed. Wear discreet make-up and j e w ellery, a high necked blouse and sensible court shoes. By wearing safe, traditional c l o t h e s , t h e m e s s a g e s u g g e s t s y o u are sensible, respectable, and reliable. 2. T r e n d y . W e a r i n g a c o l l e c t i o n o f fashionable clothes gives the impression you are not stuck in a rut, are progressive, and intend to g o places. 3. I n d i v i d u a l i s t . An innovator rather than a slavish follower of fashion, y o u r appearance will b e distinctive and uncon ventional. Be careful when presenting this image as it will only appeal to a limited number of employers. T h e message you give here says you are special and unique. Your hair is one of the first things peo ple notice. Be sure it looks neat. If it is long have it plaited, o r tied back. Don't have it falling onto your face. Shorter hair can be slicked into shape easily. Nails are important too, if yours are bit ten and broken and it's too late to wait for them to grow back, visit a beauty thera-

lf you want to look businesslike, opt for a tailored suit.
p i s t . S h e will m a k e t h e m o s t of w h a t you've got or advise you about false nails. Don't get over enthusiastic when apply ing m a k e - u p and pile on a dark founda tion in t h e h o p e that you'll look nicely tanned. Opt instead for a subde liquid or tube variety w h i c h will give y o u light coverage. When applying lipstick and eye m a k e - u p , l e s s is a l w a y s b e l t e r t o o . Choose gentle shades to enhance your features. Eye shadow should set off the shape and colour of your eyes, not your

clothes. Choose warm or cool colours according to your skin tone. Lipstick as well as being a symbol of femininity, adds colour to your face quickly. Lip colours should complement your natural skin tones. Fair hair and fair skins suit the paler warm pinks, peaches, and coral colours while darker looks are suited t o the deeper terracottas. Avoid big jewellery, opt for stud ear rings and delicate bracelets. Wear g o o d tights or stockings and shoes that fit com

fortably and are not scuffed. Lay out your outfit at least a day befof the interview and c h e c k that it is clea and in good repair. A loose button on t big day will do little to boost your conf dence, not to mention your image.

Try to avoid wearing exactly the san outfit to several i n t e r v i e w s as you ca c o m e t o associate it with failure. Be pleasant and polite at the interview smile and look a s if y o u are enjoying tl experience, even if you're not.

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