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Are you tired of the way you look? It's a New Year so why not improve your image?

Hair colour has become a fashion accessory. People use it to give dull, natural hair a lift or to add interest through highlights of two or more natural looking shades. If you are getting a few grey ribs, then covering the grey can make you feel younger. Of if you go for a complete change, the new look can make you feel like a different person. However, the hair colour which you were born with usually aligns with your complexion, so when you add colour to your hair take your skin tones into consideration. A drastic change of colour may mean stepping outside your normal personality, so be prepared for what that entails! CHOOSING A COLOUR If your skin tone is cool and muted, your hair may well have been blonde as a child, perhaps turning mousy later. Ash blonde colouring will enhance your hair and skin tones. The grey rather than the golden tone is to be preferred. If your skin tone is warm and muted, you probably have blonde or brown hair with natural red tints. Golden hair tones - auburn, red, and warm brown, will enhance your skin, whereas ash tones may make you look pale and uninteresting. Your natural hair colouring may be golden blonde or brown if your skin tone is warm and clear. All warm colours will make you look good, from flaxen blonde to golden brown and through to copper hues. Once you have decided to enhance your hair colour, you must decide whether you want a temporary or permanent change and whether you want to intensify the shade by adding colour or make it paler by removing it Either way, all your hair need not be coloured at once. Sections can be singled out or highlighted to give a variance of colour. MAKE-UP Make-up gives us the freedom to develop our own sense of style and individuality with artful disguise or eye-catching emphasis. It is a good morale booster too. Together with stylish clothes, a flattering hairstyle and healthy skin, make-up contributes the final polish by adding to your confidence. If you have been using the same type of cosmetics for years, then it is high time to experiment with new shades. Visit a beauty therapist and learn new ways to apply make-up. You may be amazed at the results.

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THERE IS nothing like changing your hair colour to brighten up your appearance, add character to your overall look, and give you a boost
Experiment with different foundations at home and see what you can achieve. You can mix two together to get the perfect match. Choose a foundation that suits your skin type. Medicated foundations are fine for spot-prone skin. Antishine water based matt formulations are best for oily skins. Liquids in bottles and tubes suit most skin types and give light coverage. If you have always worn blue eye-shadow, perhaps you should move on to newer colours. Eye shadow should set off the shape and colour of your eyes, not your outfit, so choose warm or cool colours according to your skin tone. Do not pick a shade that matches your eye colour exactly. The iris is generally composed of several colours so if you have flecks of gold, brown, grey, or green these shades will look good automatically. Pale colours are useful highlighters. Matt or gloss, they "open" out an area and are used on the browbone beneath the eyebrow. A dot of pale shadow just above the lashes at the centre of your eyelids also widens the eyes. Lipstick is a symbol of femininity and adds colour to your face quickly. Lip colours must complement your natural skin tones. Fair hair and fair skins suit the paler warm pinks, peaches, and coral shades while darker looks are suited to the deeperlerracottas and flame reds. The fastest way to apply lipstick is to use a lip pencil. This will outline and fill in all at once. Use a wand gloss applicator for speedy shine. Do not apply too much colour because this will accentuate any cracks. Bright lipsticks draw attention to your teeth so make sure they look good. ACCESSORIES If you want to look stylish, accessories are a must. The essentia] accessories collection comprises primary and accent accessories. Primary ones include blouses, shirts, tops, jumpers, tee-shirts, and cardigans. Accent accessories include shoes, tights, belts, scarves, bags, hats, and jewellery. You will need one basic pair of classic court shoes with a medium heel, preferably in black, a pair of shoes to wear with trousers, leather boots, and a pair of evening sandals or shoes. Tights should be one shade darker than your skin tone. Begin your belt collection with three leather belts in basic colours. Brown, black, and beige are good basic colours. Once you have started your collection, different colours and textures can be chosen, such as cord and suede.

* Estee Lauder model and actress Elizabeth Hurley knows how to maximise her natural beauty assets. A basic black leather bag will take you through the winter with style. Hats look great, especially in winter. If you are about to invest in one, make sure you buy the proper texture for the season. Wool and felt are good for winter while straw and cotton look great in summer. Jewellery can make or break an outfit. A few simple gold or silver chains, a string of pearls and some gold or button pearl earrings will add dash to any ensemble. The latest costume jewellery is ideal too. A classy watch is always a wise buy while an elegant brooch is useful for providing a touch of individuality.

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