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BOYLE NEIL (Ninth Anniversary - November 26th) Shantalla. Lovingly remembered by wife Delia and family. BRODERICK WALTER (Tenth Anniversary)

GLYNN EMMA (First Anniversary) Your memory we treasure, with thoughts that are dear, * we think of you always, not just once a year. Happy fifth birthday, from, Mary, Paul, Sharon and Paul. Glynn Emma (First Anniversary) Your memory we treasure, with thoughts that are dear, we think of you always, not just once a year. Happy 5th Birthday. From Mary, Paul, Sharon and ^ Paul. F JACOB EILEEN (Seventeenth Anniversary) Her life is a beautiful memory, her absence a silent grief. Sadly missed, Theresa and Daniel. HARTY BARTLEY /



DEVLIN MAUREEN (Fourteenth Anniversary)

Mam Memories are the loveliest things, they last the longest day, they can't be bought, they can't be lose, they can't be given away. The very echo of your name, the memory of your smile, the little things you said and did, are with us all the while. Your life was never selfish, only for us you lived, not for what you received, but only what you could give. Loving you always. Patsy and kids. Mam God called your name so softly, that only you could hear and no one heard the footsteps of angels drawing near. The golden gates stood open, God saw you needed rest. His garden must be beautiful, He only takes the best. Always loved, never forgotten. Billy, Carmel, Kyle, Adam and Kirsten. xxxxx. Devlin Maureen (Fourteenth Anniversary) In loving memory of my mother, Maureen, whose anniversary occurs at this time. RIP. You were a mother so very rare, content in your home and always there, on earth you toiled, in Heaven you rest, God bless you, Mam, you were one of the best. Always remembered by Cathal, Ann Malcolm and Barry. Mum I can still see your face in the sun, you know I was so proud to be your daughter, and to have you as my mum. Others have lost like me I know, but you were my mum and I loved and miss you so. Helen, Michael, grandchildren Jessica, Gavin and great grandson Joshua, xxxxx. Mam No cards to send you, no gifts to say I care, all I have are memories of a Mum I loved so dear. Sadly missed Anne, Martin, Stephanie, Gillian, Nicholas and Enda. Mam We have so many memories, but we wish we still had you. Mam. Margaret and Benny. Mam Memories are like leaves of gold, they never tarnish or grow old, no more tomorrows for us to share, but yesterday's memories will always be there. Lovingly remembered by Joe. Magpie, Jordan, Bryan and Aaron. Maureen Just a tribute small and tender, to say that we remember. The Keane family. GARVEY PETER Riverside (Seventh Anniversary)


In loving memory of our dear dad, late of Loyola Park, College Road, who died 29th November 1988. Time passes, memories stay, quietly remembered, every day. Sadly missed by Anita, Carmel, Tom, Joan, Deirdre and families. Anniversary Mass St Patrick's Church, Forster Street at 1 lam on Sunday 29th November 1998. CARRICK MARIE (YOY) Late of Fr Burke Rd, Claddagh. We hold you close within our hearts, and there you shall remain, to walk with us throughout our lives, until we meet again. Remembered and loved always. Your son Pat, daughters Carmel and Mary and families.

Treasured memories of a loving husband, and father, Gus, who died on the 28th of November, 1992. Also his baby son, Colin, who died on the 18th December, 1984. Just a prayer from the family who loved you, just a memory fond and true, in our hearts you will live forever, because we thought the world of you. Lovingly remembered and sadly missed by Breda and boys Michael, Oliver, Austin, Brian and Declan. Anniversary Mass ^ Saturday 28th November, St Patrick's Church at 10am. ^ J FOLAN MAY and JOHN (Fourth and Twenty First Anniversaries) V >


In loving memory of our parents. May and John, late of 78 Fr Burke Road, Claddagh. RIP. Silent thoughts, sincere and true, from a family who thought the world of you, today is remembered with sad regret, from the hearts of those who will never forget. Sadly missed by all your family. Anniversary Mass Saturday, 28th November, 7.30pm, St Mary's, Claddagh Church. CULLINANE SEAN (Eighth Anniversary)


They say there is a reason, they say mat time will heal, but neither time nor reason, will change the way we feel. For no one knows the heartache, that lies behind our smiles, no one knows how many times, we have broken down and cried. We want to tell you something, so there won't be any doubt, you're so wonderful to think of, but so hard to be without From all your colleagues at Galway Taxis. Costello - O'Shanghnessy Eileen (First Anniversary) One year on we miss you still. Your female colleagues at Galway Taxis. Mass will be offered for our much missed friend in St Patrick's Church, Forster Si. on Wednesday 9th December at 8pm. All are welcome. CosteDo Eileen Yon left us so suddenly, we could only weep and cry, but the saddest pan of all was, we never said goodbye. Patsy. C i i t i f i - OTh--iifcaMiry EHeea Fondest memories of our dear friend and colleague Eileen CostelloO'Shaughncssy. From the drivers and staff of Big-O-Taxis.

Always remembered, Barry and Barbara and family. Cullinane Sean (Eighth Anniversary) Late of 33 Pearse Avenue, Mervue. In loving memory of my father, Sean, who died on November 26th 1990. We think of you always and mention your name, close to our hearts, you will always remain. Always remembered by Don, Mary and family. DALY MAUREEN (Twenty Fust Anniversary) In loving memory of Maureen Daly, late of ISS Bohermore. How do you write on paper, the feelings we have inside, the heartache and the loneliness, when the mum you love has died. We often lie awake at night, when all the world is asleep. and take a trip down the memory lane, with tears upon our cheeks. No one sees the broken hearts. that lie behind our smiles, no one know the loneliness. that is with us all the time. John, Paul and Michelle. FLAHERTY NORAH and MARTIN In loving memory of Norah and Martin, late of Eyre Street, whose anniversaries occur around this time. On their souls Sweet Jesus, have mercy. at the Abbey Church on Saturday 28th November at 7.30pm



In loving memory of my wife, Maureen. Gone is the heart so caring and true, there is never a day I don't think of you, death cannot part us, nor distance divide. Your loving husband Charlie. Mam A heart can feel so many things, that words can never say, the sadness that this day brings, can never fade away. Deep in my heart, your memory is kept, to love and cherish and never forget. Always loved and never forgotten, daughter Geraldine, son-in-law Mike xxx. Mam If roses grow in Heaven, Lord, pick a bunch for me, place them in my mother's arms, and tell her they re from me. Forgive me if today I weep, my mother I loved, and wanted to keep. Always loved and remembered by Martin, Vicky and Amy. Devlin Maureen Memories are the loveliest things, they last the longest day, they can't be bought, they can't be lost, they can't be given away. The very echo of your name, the memory of your smile, the little things you said and did, are with us all the while. Your life was never selfish, only for us you lived, not for what you received, but only what you could give. Always remembered John, Linda, Kealan and Orlaith. Devlin Maureen (Fourteenth Anniversary) In loving memory or my mother, Maureen, who died 29th November 1984, late of 19 Davis Road, Shantalla A bouquet of beautiful memories, sprayed with a million tears, wishing God could have spared you, if just for a few more years. Loved and remembered always Bunny, Dolores and family. Mam You left behind some aching hearts, that loved you most sincere, we never shall and never will, forget you. Mother dear. Your loving son Kevin, Carmel and ^Stacey. DUGGAN DENIS 33 St James' Cres, Mervue, who died on the 1st December 1989. RIP. Always loved and never forgotten. Greta. Anniversary Mass Tuesday 1st December at 10am, Mervue Chruch. Denis Time may pass and fade away, memories of you will always stay. Always remembered by Sean and Christina. Denis Tune and years slip gently by, but love and memories never die. Sadly missed by Geraldine, Aldan, Aoife and Cian. Denis Wdl those who think of him today, a little prayer to Jesus say. Always remembered by Delia and Kenneth. FOLAN-FOLEY ANNIE (Twenty Seventh Anniversary) In loving memory of our mother Annie, who departed this life on the 26th November 1971. RIP. May the winds of love blow gently, and whisper for you to hear, we will always love and miss you, and wish that you were here. Each of us in our own way, has special thoughts of you today. Lovingly remembered by Murte. Tommy. Kathleen. Agnes and families

- J

Remembering our dear father, who died November '79. May he rest in peace. Too dearly loved to be forgotten. Your loving family. HEHIR JOSIE


In loving memory of our dear father, Josie, who died November 29th, 1982. Our memories of you will never grow old, they are locked in our hearts, in letters of gold, death cannot part us or distance divide, for each day of our lives, you walk by our side. Always loved and missed, Mary, Jimmy, John, Andrea and Gavin. J JOYCE COLMAN (Fourteenth Anniversary) In loving memory of my dear father, Colman, late of 16 McDara Rd, Shantalla, who died on 2nd December 1984. Always remembered and loved by your daughter Barbara, son-in-law Chris and grandchildren Maria and Christopher. Anniversary Mass on Wednesday 2nd December at "^6.15pm in St Joseph's Church.^


COURTNEY TOM (Sixth Anniversary) In loving memory of Tom, dearly loved husband and father, late of Gterana Heights, whose anniversary ocean on Monday November 30th. Tune goes by. life goes on, bat from our thoughts you are never gone. Deeply missed by Sue and family

In loving memory of my husband. Patrick, late of 10 Ash Road, whose first anniversary occurs on 2nd December 1998. Thank you Pat for the years we shared, for the love you gave me, and the way you cared. You left a place no one else can fill I love you, Pat. and always will. Your loving wife, Sarah, xxx Downey Patrick When God took you from us. He knew what you were worth, for He took the finest dad, that ever walked the earth. Your son John, daughters Ann and Mary, grandchildren. Anniversary Mass December 2nd at 10am, Sacred Heart Church, Seam us Quirke Road. Downey Patrick In loving memory of my dad. December is here with sad regrets, the day, the month, I'll never forget, then sadly came a call, without farewell you left us all. You taught me many things in life, that I would have to do, but never taught me how to cope, with the sorrow of losing you. Deeply missed by your daughter Mary and your grandchildren Dawn. Aoife and Fiona.


There is always a face before us, a voice we would like to hear, a smile we will always remember, of a husband and father we loved so dear. Nancy and family. Dad Time may pass and fade away, but memories of you will always stay, our wish is just a simple prayer, God bless and keep you in His care. Love Orla. Anniversary Mass in St Patrick's Church on Friday November 27th at 7.30pm.

JOYCE MINNIE (Nineteenth Anniversary) In fond and loving memory of Minnie Joyce, late of 6 St Helen Street, Galway, who died on 2nd December 1979. Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us. Always remembered by her loving family. Anniversary Mass Tuesday December 1st at 7.30pm in the Dominican Church. KELLY PADDY (Thirteenth Anniversary)

FLAHERTY MAUREEN (Twenty Fifth Anniversary) Precious memories silently kept, of a mother we loved and will never forget. Sadly missed by your children, grandchildren and husband, (Vim

Lovingly remembered, dear Billy, late of New Road, who died 25th November, 1991. Very much missed. Let perpetual light shine upon him. Dear Lord. Masses Offered Bridge, Rita, Valerie, Loyola, David, 1 .lam and Gary.

In loving memory of my dear husband, Paddy, who died 2nd December 1985. RIP. No matter how life changes, no matter what we do, a special place within our hearts, will always be for you. Forever in our thoughts, your wife Kathleen, and daughter. Patricia. Anniversary Mass Sunday 29th November, Bally banc Church at 12 noon.


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