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Are you tired of reading about diets and self help tips for the overweight? What about the skinnies of the world who want to many ways of adding add on a few precious inches? Help is at hand says Mary 0 ' calories to your diet that don't necessarily add to Connor. the amount you eat.

Skinny Lizzies
Pick up a newspaper or magazine and you'll see countless references to weight reduction. Adverts proclaiming that a new ex ercise system will tone up and help you lose un wanted inches, or a special diet, if adhered to religiously, will rid yon of excess flab. Yon rarely see any self help articles for the skin ny who desperately want to gain weight. While slim may be beautiful, skinny is decidedly not and many of Miriam O'Reilly, Forster Court and Helena Yourell, Eyre Street, at the the nation's thin lizzies are opening of Paula McFarland's shop in the Cornstore. forced to don chunky jumpers and baggy pants to disguise their problem. The skinnies are a minority and receive little sympathy and less help from a world that insists that perfection is size 10. Eat a few gooey buns, have french fries with everything and you'll be When did yon last have a smear test? If it was more than three fine, chide the more generously proportioned. years ago, you would be well advised to have another now But this isn't exactly especially if you are in one of the higher risk groups. true. Unless there's some Figures show cancer of the cervix is on the increase in Ireland reason for her lack of with 65 deaths recorded in 1987, an increase of seven on the bodyweight, the thin woman is either not con previous year. suming enough calories to The increase is believed to be due to earlier marriages and balance her energy output or she's burning up earlier sexual activity. calories too fast in nervous But medical experts maintain that with regular screening, the energy.

You can add barley to soup and stews, use powdered potato for thickening gravies. You can nibble on nuts, raisins and bananas.

Eat Slowly
Learn to love your food. Most underweight people confess they don't care very much about eating. They have a meal if they feel like it, but don't enjoy it. Remember to always eat a good breakfast. This gives you a solid founda tion for the day ahead. It could consist of orange juice, scrambled egg, toast with butter, tea or coffee. To achieve the new you, may mean spending more time in the kitchen but the enjoyment you get from preparing the dish will help you to enjoy eating it. Don't miss a meal if you can and don't rush it, either. It is recommended to relax before and during meal times. Never eat standing up and eat slow ly. Try to cut down on your intake of tea and coffee. Drink milk instead. Get as much fresh air a s you can and exercise dai ly. Reduce and if possible, cut out smoking. Never smoke before or during a meal.

The Cancer That Can Be Cured

disease can be detected at its pre cancerous stage, and these death figures could be dramatiaUy reduced. Regular Smears But if you are not in these particular categories, you still owe it to yourself to have regular smear tests. The majority of invasure cancers at the moment are found in women who have never had a test and most are over 35. One of the problems about cancer of the cervix, according to the medical experts, is it has no obvious symptoms in the early stages and is not easily detected by any other method until it is in a much more advanced stage, and that could be too late. The only means of detection during the early treatable stages is through a smear t e s t Smear clinics are held every Friday afternoon from 2pm on wards in the Maternity Clinic, University College Hospital. No appointment is necessary and the service is free. Your local GJ*, also offers a smear testing service. Painless Test The cervical smear test involves the removal of a sample of cells from the cervix (neck of the womb) is simple, painless, and takes no more than a few minutes. The purpose of the smear is to detect early changes in the cells which could evetually lead to cancer. Every woman between the ages of 2045, who is, or has been, sexually active should have a regular smear test - at least once every three years. Those most at risk are (1) Women who have a lowered immuni ty of stress, lack of vitamins, or drug addiction. (2) Women who have taken the pill for more than seven years in total, especial ly if they also smoke. (3) Women who experienced sexual inter course in their early teens and/or who have had ( or whose parents have had) multiple changes of partner. (4) Women who have or who have had certain sexually transmitted infections, in particular, genital warts, herpes or chlamydia.

Sleep Badly
Those who are too skin ny are often highly-strung, sensitive and perfec tionists. They find it diffiult to unwind, are con stantly on the move, and rarely sit down long enough to enjoy a leisure ly meal. They sleep badly, suffer constantly from ten sion, and self doubt and are, therefore less inclined to eat. So, the vicious cir cle continues. Many young mothers fall into the too skinny trap. Running a home, may be a career and look ing after a new born baby can turn life into a race against the clock. The new mum begins to skip meals, smokes more cigarettes, and drinks too much The other side of the scales wishing for the pounds to increase coffee. P oo Mk S a g n s y h t i e h u h es When summer arrives, she is horrified to find her chicken as you wish, with Calorie Count summer dresses are now enough carbohydrates to If you are underweight help you achieve a steady two sizes too big and her face has taken on a gaunt and desire a more round weight gain without flab. ed figure, then you must appearance. In addition to three good additional meals She faces all the worries consume calories. Don't immediate have a day, you should that beset an overweight a mid-morning person - except for the op ly rush out and buy up a snack, say milky coffee stock of cream cakes, and posite reason. chocolate bars. Too mcuh and biscuits and cheese or Many medical con of these would be bad not orange juice and nuts, sultants believe the same only for your figure, but and another in the middle factors that can lead to also your complexion and of the afternoon. A hot, overweight in one woman health. milky bedtime drink will - stress, emotional unnaphelp you to sleep, as well Centre your diet around as build up your calorie piness can lead to underweight in another protein foods, fresh count. woman. It all depends on vegetables, milk, eggs and Forget large plates piled cheese, you can eat as the person involved. much meat, fish and high with food. Eat small meals often. There are



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