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Galway Advertiser

September 20 2007









Tackle skin aging the gentle way
A natural organic essential oil from L'Occitane offers a gentle approach to fighting skin aging. Immortelle promises to improve circulation which in turn nourishes and oxygenates the cells so that regeneration is naturally enhanced. By carefully formulating this oil into their creams and lotions, the makers say L'Occitane has produced an effective anti-aging regime that is less aggressive than other antiaging products on the market. * L'Occitane products are available from Matt O'Flaherty's William Street branch.

Chill out
Do your children complain that their school lunches are soggy and their drinks warm? If so, lunch box fruit chillers which have have just arrived in Ireland, may be the answer to your problems. They are designed to keep the content of children's lunch boxes cool for up to five hours. Each Fruit Chillers pack contains three or five fruit gel pieces, ie, banana, apple, orange, strawberry and grape, which should be stored in the freezer for a minimum of three hours in advance of use. Priced from 7.99 to 10.99 Fruit Chillers are available from Atlantic Homecare and Options, Eyre Square Centre and Galway Shopping Centre.

Tame those tresses
If your mornings are spent fighting a losing battle with rebellious, unruly hair then a new product from Tres Semme may be the answer to your mane taming problems. No Frizz Serum promises to calm breakouts of frizz, fluff and flyaways to leave hair looking sleeker, smoother and shinier while creating a barrier to protect from the effects of humidity. Smooth the product onto freshly washed, damp hair before blow drying to help encourage hair to lie flat while sealing in moisture. Salons advise people to use a small amount of the serum between washes to tame frizz breakouts while softening and adding shine. * Tres Semme No Frizz Serum is available from Boots, larger supermarkets and pharmacies.

Wedding belles
Traditional embroidered lace mixed with luxurious satin is one of the most popular wedding dress styles this year, according to Hickey's Fabrics at the Eyre Square Shopping Centre. Halter necks are big fashion news too complementing the upper body and giving the illusion of extra height. The strapless dress is another winner while the two-piece with pleated bodice and ruched skirt accentuates hourglass figures. Brides to be can choose from flowing veils made from Spanish lace, delicate boleros and simple yet stunning gold and swarovski crystal tiaras. * Gowns are available in sizes 8 to 28 and range in price from 900.

Banish that blemish
A medical device which uses heat to clear spots in the comfort of your home is now available locally. Clinical trials using Zeno, which treats mild to moderate inflammatory acne, show that 90 per cent of pimples improve or resolve within 24 hours. The device delivers a precisely controlled lowlevel heat dose to the spot causing P acnes, the bacteria which bring about roughly 90 per cent of acne blemishes, to self destruct. Zeno can be used in conjunction with other acne treatments including over-the-counter and prescription medications. * It does not require a prescription and retails at 185. It is available from University Pharmacy, Newcastle Road (free in store demonstrations of the product are currently taking place there) and other leading pharmacies nationwide.

Open Sesame Pamper those
What is the secret to making eyeshadow last longer and preventing creases? Artdeco's brush on eyeshadow base is one such must-have. To ensure your mirrors of the soul look great outline the eyes with Soft Eyeliner. This formula provides easy and precise application while vitamin E nourishes the skin. Just one touch and it effortlessly opens cans. That's the proud boast of the latest must-have gadget, the electric can opener. One Touch is battery operated. All you have to do is place it on top of the can, press the button and watch it automatically rotate around the rim of the can removing the lid. A magnet in the base lifts the lid off the can. It opens most cans and even operates hards -free making it ideal for people with limited hand mobility. * Retailing from 29.99 it is available from Atlantic Homecare and other major retailers. Eyeshadows come in four soft, natural shades with Lash Designer Mascara now available in a new black/brown shade. The specially designed brush promises to leave lashes looking voluminous and extended. * The Artdeco make-up collection is available at selected Debenhams stores and salons.

Eye on the ball
If you want to encourage the little people in your house to get more exercise as they get caught up in rugby World Cup fever, consider buying a Gilbert rugby ball for them. Hand stitched, it is the official 2007 Rugby World Cup ball and is available from Aldi for 12.99. You can get further into the spirit of the glorious game by buying T-shirts and polo shirts. * Local Aldi stores are located at Westside Retail Park, Galway Retail Park and Gort.

Parenting Classes
* Eileen Kelly, the psychologist who works with the Galway Diocese and who was featured on this page last week, will conduct parenting classes shortly. For further information contact her at (091) 565066 or 575052 or email parenting
Galways best kept secret

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